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genealogy information prior to 1845 is very limited for a number of reasons. In my search I found a journal of a fellow in Maugerville, New Brunswick Canada written from 1815 onwards. In it, he mentions, and shows on a hand drawn map, "where the Irish workers live". The man I am looking for, William Ward appears in this area in 1818 at the age of 20, from Ireland. My William marries a daughter of a Loyalist family, Kimball, in 1826, A thought that I have is my William was an Irish worker, assigned to the Kimball family or area, and with limited marriage opportunities of that area and era, he and she hooked up.

I have been unable to get him back to Ireland as there is no record of the port he arrived at, the ship he arrived on, or the port he left Ireland from as records were not regulary kept until 1850.

I am curious if anyone has info on these "Irish workers" of the timeframe preceding 1845? Is there a county that was more prevelant than others?

I attached 2 pages of the journal with the map showing Irish workers lived here.


Earl Ward

Earl Ward

Friday 14th January 2022, 03:16PM

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  • Earl:

    The attachment did not come thru with the message.

    In the mid-19th century, the surname Ward was found in every county in Ireland and the present day Northern Ireland. Emigrants left from every county in Ireland looking for a better opportunity so there is no way to pinpoint where William was from and very few church records are available to provide supporting documentation. 

    Have you considered DNA testing? You would qualify for the Y-DNA test which tracks your pure paternal line but in my own experience you may want to consider the general DNA test which looks at all of your paternal and maternal lines. 

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 14th January 2022, 07:34PM
  • Good day Roger,

    I recognize the problems with getting back to Irish Catholic roots and am looking for that needle in the haystack. I was suprised to learn how common the Ward name was in Ireland, and the counties they populated. Also the name's connection to the Travellers!

    I have done the DNA testing and have had numerous 3-5th cousins from mosty Europe and United States which makes sense. I don't even remember seeing on from Ireland. My stronger connections indicate England and Scandinavian countries.

    I keep hoping that there may be an Irish Ward looking for a long lost sibling or cousin to someone's great great grandparent.

    Thanks again for your interest.

    Earl Ward

    Earl Ward

    Saturday 15th January 2022, 02:28PM