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James and Julia (Doherty) Nolan - possible from Eyrecourt

My 3G grandparents James and Julia (Doherty) Nolan left Ireland in 1835 and settled in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn NY. We believe they came from Eyrecourt based on Julia's 1862 obituary. Has anyone else come across Nolan’s or Doherty’s from this area. I would love to find birth or marriage records that would provide dates and potentially additional family members. I visited the Irish Family History Centre in Dublin last fall. I've also searched the webs for any records mentioning them and/or family. Any additional thoughts or insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jim Nolan

Friday 23rd February 2018, 11:27PM

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  • Jim:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Unfortunately, the RC records for that area do not start until 1884 except for marriage records from 1810-1812. I did look at the Tithe records from the 1820s with no records for Nolan or Doherty. The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Donanaghta civil parish shows a Patrick Dogherty on River St. in Eyrecourt

    You may want to post the story of James and Julia on our XO Chronicles site

    You may also want to consider autosomal DNA testing.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Saturday 24th February 2018, 03:09PM
  • Roger

    Thank you for your kind welcome and for your reply. While I have a nice story of the family once the settled in Brooklyn, I have limited information on the family in Ireland. This Patrick Dogherty is an exciting find. I now have a few indications of the Nolan/Dogherty family in the Eyrecourt area. Every new record builds the picture, now I just need to connect the dots. The Civil Parish is clearly a new avenue to explore. I will also be posting the story on the XO Chronicles site.

    Thank You

    Jim Nolan

    Jim Nolan

    Saturday 24th February 2018, 05:36PM