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Looking for information on my great grandfther James Culbert. He was born around 1835 either in Cork or Offaly. He emmigrated to New Brunswick, Canada but I don't have a date. Arealtive suggested he came as a teen with his family but can't find that yet. He married Jane Cunningham in Woodstock NB,Canada. He died there in 1922. If his name sounds familiar I could use a bit more info. Thank you. Maureen

P.S. His father may have been a Patrick Culbert


Maureen Agnes

Monday 30th May 2022, 07:25PM

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  • Do you have the names of James's children, in order?  Irish naming patterns meant that the first son was generally named after the paternal grandfather, so that would help  in determining his father's name.


    Monday 30th May 2022, 07:58PM

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