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I am trying to locate my grandfather's grandfather James Garvey catholic birth or baptism record and any information on his siblings.

His death record is died 1881 aged 50 Kirkstall, Victoria Australia. Parents Jeremiah Garvey & Catherine Conway Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland. It is estimated his parents were married circa 1826. My great grandfather(William Garvey) their son's birth record 5/7/1858 list's his parents as James Garvey 26 years, Killaloe, County Clare, and wife Margaret Conway 22 years Parish of Killaloe, County Clare. They were married in Port Fairy(previously called Belfast), Victoria, Australia in 1856. Margaret died 1905 Kirkstall, Victora, Australia.  It is estimated James Garvey emigrated circa 1853 to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Margaret Conway emigrated circa 1854 to Geelong Victoria, Australia.

James Garvey's potential Siblings, Patrick 1824, Margaret 1826, John 1828, & Darby 1835 but not confirmed ? There are mentions of the Aillemore townland and the Glen as original areas of the Garveys Killaloe, County, Clare, Ireland

John Garvey

Monday 15th Jun 2020, 01:50AM

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    Hi John,

    There is a record of a "Darby Garvey" baptised in Killaloe on 25th March 1830 - Father Patrick and Mother Bridget Gavin?  Sponsors: Thomas Hayes & Margaret Hayes. The address is not clear, but it has a reference to a "Glen".

    In the Tithe Applotments record you have nine "Garvey's" in Aylemore - Tithe Records 1823 - 1837

    You should check out Clare Library which has a lot of information on the County in that period.

    As Killaloe is bordering the Counties of Tipperary and Limerick, there may be further information there.





    Monday 15th Jun 2020, 08:03AM
  • Hi John:

    As McCoy correctly stated, there is a reference to a baptism record in the Killaloe register (transcription of the register has been done by an IrelandXO volunteer) and this is available to view on the Clare Library website at this link:

    The register is about halfway down the list of resources available online through this site on the civil parish of Killaloe.  I noted that the Garvey baptism referred to above has parents listed as Darby Garvey and Cath Conway, but the child's name is Bridget and the sponsors listed are:  Patrick Garvey and Mary Garvey and all of these have the residence listed as Glengallagh which seems to be a Garvey stronghold in Killaloe.  

    I would agree with McCoy that the other resources on the site for Killaloe are worth looking at and I'm going to forward this post to the volunteer who did the transcription work.  He may have some further information.  It is certainly worth looking at other places alongside Killaloe parish for possible baptism records including Ballina, County Tipperary.  

    Please let us know if you need anything further.

    All the best,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 19th Jun 2020, 10:22AM
  • Hi

    For what it is worth, the Garvey and Conway family were heavily involved with my own family Crowe through several marriages in the Glenagalach, Bally kildea, Gortmagy (ee) townlands in the hills of the same names,  to the north-west of Killaloe. I would be interested to know more of your results and equally as I am researching the area myself - pass on any Garvey results I have?

    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 12th Aug 2021, 02:02PM

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