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James Greer emigrated to Charleston SC in 1768 with his wife and daughters Mary b 1765 & Jane b 1767 and possibly baby William, born 1768. The father of James Greer I think was William Greer b Antrim 1723. Died 1785. I'd like to know more about the family, the wives of James and William. Parish they are from. They were Presbyterians.


Monday 8th Aug 2022, 07:24PM

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  • hampan,

    Researching in Ireland in the 1700s is very hard going due to the general lack of records. If you don’t know where they lived it’s a needle in a haystack. Ideally you need to know the person’s exact denomination and the townland or parish they lived in to have any chance of finding them, and even then there may not be any records for that location.

    You do at least know your ancestors were Presbyterian. The majority of migrants from Ireland in the 1700s were Presbyterian, and were in the main descended from Scots who had settled in Ireland in the 1600s. There were probably about 200 Presbyterian churches in Co. Antrim in the 1700s but sadly only 6 of them have any records for that period.  The rest either didn’t keep any or they have been lost over the years from fire, damp, carelessness and other hazards. (The Presbyterian records that do survive for the 1700s are copied and held in PRONI, the public record office, in Belfast. Personal visit required to view them).

    Possibly DNA testing may be a way of matching with others who have additional information about where the family originate. Family Tree DNA reportedly has more people with Ulster roots than any other company. That obviously increases the chances of finding a match. You might want to try them or, if you have already tested, you can transfer your results to them for no fee.

    The North of Ireland Family History Society is running an Ulster DNA project in conjunction with FTDNA and can offer testing kits at a reduced price. (Go to DNA project on the website).



    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 08:43PM
  • A will probated in So. Carolina in 1796 for a James Greer names the following people:

    Name: Jane
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: Wife
    Item Description: Wills, 1791-1819
    Others Listed Relationship
    James Greer
    John Hambleton
    Ann Gotcher
    Joseph James
    Thos. Turner
    Janet George
    Hannah Leonor
    Jane Moon
    Jacob Gilliam
    Jane Wife

    If you have Ancestry, you can see the actual will. Any chance this is your James?


    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 09:22PM
  • Patricia, that is my James but you seem to have something a bit different than I have. His will was 1792 and at the bottom it says 'Recorded 1795. Date of Proving not available. (Original will not in files of Probate Judge). The will I have does not mention a wife, nor some of the family members. I've searched on Ancestry and can't find anything but the one I have which has always raised more questions than answers, ie no wife, leaving everything to his 12yr old daughter. It also starts with the John Hambleton SIL but the 12yr old eventually marries a John Hamilton.

    Where did you find yours and is it just the list of names?

    Thank you for looking.

    Patricia Hamilton


    Thursday 11th Aug 2022, 05:38PM
  • Hi,

    I found it on can search the name, wills, state...No it is not just a list of names, the actual document can be seen.


    Friday 12th Aug 2022, 08:36PM

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