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My great grandfather, James Hanrahan is where my knowledge of the Hanrahan line ends.  Who was his father?  Was he born in Shanagolden, Limerick?  He married Maria Fleming in Dublin in 1854.  Did they meet in Dublin and marry quickly?  Were they from Shanagolden and traveled to Dublin to marry?  What are Maria's roots?  I see a Michael Hanrahan in 1851 in Griffiths Valuation, could this be the father of my James?  I see a 1845 military service for a James Hanrahan from Limerick who served as a Corporal with the British Army Corp, is this my James?  Would he have been hated in Limerick for serving in the British military?  Could they possibly have been wealthier then the commonly established look of the starving Irish during the Great Famine?  What could that have been like - living through the Great Famine and having food on your table?  Any help on my ancestor would be greatly appreciated. Carol

O'Donnell from County Kerry

Friday 4th February 2022, 11:34AM

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  • RootsIreland lists baptisms in Co. Limerick for seven children for this couple: Michael, Michael, Ellen, Maria, William, John, James.

    The last child, James, was born in 1869, so there is a civil birth record for him at

    I hope this is helpful.


    Friday 4th February 2022, 05:42PM
  • Hi,

    I notice that the first child was born in Glin and others were born in Loughill. Quite often a mother went home to have her first child. But then, Loughill isn't far from Glin and they may have just moved from one place to the next. It might be worth a look at Glin as a possible birth place for Maria.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th February 2022, 11:02PM
  • Hi Kieran,
    You ask..................
    Would he have been hated in Limerick for serving in the British military?

    Answer.....No.     Ireland was British up to 1922.   

    Could this be his Father...Michael   in the tithe records. Townland of Ballynash.  the only Hanrahan in the area of Glin. 13th name down 6 Acres of land.
    004625717/004625717_00067.pdf (



    Saturday 5th February 2022, 01:20PM
  • Ooops! should have said Hi Carol.
    I looked for the marriage in IG as they have most marriages transfered from the Parish books and James and Maria are not listed,
    There is a James in the UK Millitary records but you would have to log into Fold3 to get his record or see the record. (I know you get 7 days free and then they charge)
    If it's the same one as you see in Ancestry he was from Stadbally (just a bit further from Glin) and his record was in 1867, when did your James become a teacher?
    I just looked at Anne's birth 1865, he was a teacher then, so don't look at the Fold3 record.
    Loughill is a townland comes under the Parish of Glin, district of Shanagolden, that's why there are so many names but it's the same place.


    Saturday 5th February 2022, 02:26PM
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    Friday 1st July 2022, 12:40PM