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James J Noone


I'm looking for any information about a James Noone. Based on the information I have and my understanding of the naming configurations followed in Ireland in the 1800's, the first son born to my great great grandfather was named "James". My great great grandfather's name was Thomas Noone( born 1825 in Moycullen). Thomas immigrated to the US in 1851. He already had two daughters (Mary and Bridget). The first child born in the US was a boy and was named "James J."  His 2nd son was named "Robert Patrick". Thomas' wife, Ellen Earner wad born in 1815, place unknown but probably in Moycullen. Again based on the naming configurations as I understand them, the 2nd son usually carried the name of the mother's father. If correct this would mean he was named "Patrick Robert Earner". Are their any records available for Moycullen with the names of "James Noone" or "Patrick Robert Earner" in the very early 1800's or late 1700's?

Thanks for any assistance.

Tim Noone  


Sunday 25th August 2019, 10:56AM

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    Castlemore Roscommon

    Sunday 25th August 2019, 01:44PM

    Hi Tim,

    In relation to James Noone, the following are taken from Father Blake's record for Moycullen parish: 

    Townland: Newtown - John Noon died 1797, James Noon and Patt Noon left the parish the same year, Patt Noon Senior died before 1793,

    Patt Noon, Junior married 1810, James Noon, Junior married 1802, Mathias Noon married 1803

    Townland: Oghery: Laurence Noon, widowed 1808, Stephen Noon, died 1799, Mathias Noon married 1806, John Noon married 1796

    Thomas Noon married 1799, 

    EARNER: Killagoola townland: Thomas Earner married 1794,  DRIMAVOUGHAUN townland: Cormac Earner died 1795,  CORBALLY townland: Patt Earner left 1803,

    Daniel Earner died 1800, COOLAGHY townland: Laurence Earner died 1801,

    Tithe records for 1829 show a James Noon in Drimaveg and a James Noon in Gortnamona. Google: Tithe Records+Moycullen, free also www. askaboutIreland .ie

    for Land and House records 1853, printed in 1855 - Griffith Valuations. For parish records Google:  Catholic Records National Library of Ireland - free

    Those townlands are along the N59 - Galway to Oughterard Road.



    Saturday 31st August 2019, 12:00PM
  • Hi Tim,

    Further to previous message: The family name "James" is in both the Noon and Earner families.

    Marriages Moycullen: Thomas Noon to Sarah Noon, Newtown - 1815

    James Noon, Newtown to Ellen Hurney, Cloonliffe - 1816

    EARNER: James Earner, Drimneen to Brid Walsh - January 29th 1815

    James Earner, Drimmavohaun to Sarah Burke February 23rd 1819

    Baptisms: James Noon - July 9th 1817 - Newtown - Father - Thomas

    James Noon - April 20th 1820 - Father -  John

    Elleanor Earner - October 9th 1820 - Father - James Earner - Mother: Sarah Burke - Drimmavohaun

    Moycullen parish records show that 16 marriages took place in the years 1790 to 1830 with the name "EARNER" (both male and female) as spouse.



    Sunday 1st September 2019, 04:48PM
  • Hi, Many thanks for the information. One quick question. We've always spelled our name with an "e" i.e. Noone. Do you think the "Noon" spelling refers to the same family? 

    Best regards,



    Monday 2nd September 2019, 01:50PM

    Hi Tim,

    A search of the original Moycullen parish records online:

    Baptism: Sally (Sarah) Noone - November 4th 1848 - Father - Thomas Noone -  Mother - Ellen Earner - No address - Sponsors: Daniel Earner and Bridget Noone

    Baptism: Bridget Noone - February 25th 1851 - Father- Thomas Noone - Mother: Ellen Earner - No address - Sponsors: James and Judith Earner

    Griffith's land register: Printed 1855 - Coolagh: John Noone - Newtown: Thomas Noone and Mathias Noone - Oghery: Patrick Noone

    As you can see the letter E was added in most cases. In relation to the name "O'Toole". It was "Tool" and it then became "Toole". Many changes came about in the 1850's

    You were interested in the name "Robert". The only person in that immediate area in the 1850's was a "Robert Lynch" in Drimmneen. He may be a relative of the Earner family?

    Ross Estate about two miles away was owned by Robert and James Martin which was in Killannin parish. Others with the name "Robert" were in Rosscahill and Esker.

    No record found for the marriage of Thomas Noone and Ellen Earner.




    Monday 2nd September 2019, 07:34PM
  • Hi McCoy!

    Many thanks for the additional information. I know it will be very useful!

    Best regards,



    Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 02:11PM
  • Hi Tim,

    In regard to "Robert Patrick Noone" the medical doctor attached to Moycullen was a "Robert J. Morgan" in the early 1850's.

    Source: Griffith House Valuation for Kilarainey by Thomas Quinn on September 12th 1853 and marriage on September 15th 1856 - Press report,

    also a meeting in Clifden in March 1852 with local  Moycullen landlord - George E. Burke, Esq.

    Question: was Ellen Earner Noone a patient of his? This may solve the issue!



    Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 03:24PM