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I'm having trouble finding the deaths of my great grandparents who were living at 47 Main St. Elphin in the 1911 census. James Johns was the local RIC constable from 1882-1902 when he retired. He was born in Wexford about 1855. Jane (Hayes) was born in Queen's Co. about 1859. They were both Church of Ireland and I assume they stayed in Elphin until their deaths 

In 1901 one of their daughters, Maria Jane, married Henry Somerville who was a local farmer and Postmaster. He owned a few houses including James's and a grocery and a butcher's shop.

Interestingly I have just read the Ancestor entry for Oliver Goldsmith and his relationship to Rev Jones. One of James's son's was named Thomas Goldsmith and the family story was that the Johns family was related to Oliver Goldsmith but I haven't been researching the family long enough to find a connection, if there is indeed one.

As I have been researching I notice there are many families listed as Jones and few as Johns so maybe I should be using that variant as well when researching early records?

In the meantime, if anyone could give me some indication where I can find out if James & Jane did end their days in Elphin since they do not come up in the searches I have done so far, I'd be very grateful.



Tuesday 16th June 2020, 02:55PM

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