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Searching for information about the family of James McAneny, born in Bodoney Lower probably around 1827-1829.  He had a relative, cose to his own age, Cornelius McAneny, who also went to America, and another close relative, Patrick, who went to Australia. the family was Catholic.



Wednesday 1st July 2020, 02:28AM

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  • Constance,

    You may struggle to find much about James and his relation Cornelius. The bad news is the parish has no records earlier than 1865, long after what you need.

    If your James’ father was a farmer, and alive in 1830, then he should be listed in the tithe applotment records. (The tithes were a tax on land). There were 5 farmers named McEnenny in Bodoney Lower at that time:

    If you can get fathers names and occupation from marriage or death certificates in the US or Australia, then that may enable you to focus your search on one of those households. On the positive side, you will note that 4 of 5 households lived in Culvacullion townland, with one in Lekin (Leckin). That may narrow the search.

    I see 3 McAneny households in Culvacullion in the 1901 census:

    One in Leckin:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 1st July 2020, 09:24AM
  • Thank you.  My cousin thinks James (my great grandfather) was connected to the Leckin family, but we have no proof.  James died when my grandfather, Cornelius McAneny (his youngest son), was eight years old, and mygrandfather died when I was only four.  My mother had said that all she knew about the family was that they came from County Tyrone and that most of his relaives in the United States died in the Johnstown flood in Pennsylvania in 1889.   James had 12 children, but the only know descendants are through my grandfather.  The others either died childless or in the case of his brother, Francis Patrick McAneny, the sons died without issue.  James's second wife, Mary Sagerson had parents, Patrick and Mary Fisher Sagerson, who also came from County Tyrone, but I don't know which parish.  One of his sons wrotethat hw was a cousin of George Sigerson, but we have not been able to find the connection there.

    I very much appreciate your help.




    Thursday 2nd July 2020, 04:58PM
  • Constance,

    There was a McAneny family in Leckin till at least 1948. Probate abstracts:

    McAneney John of Leckin county Tyrone farmer died 19 July 1924 Administration Londonderry 25 August to Patrick McAneney farmer. Effects £57 10s.

    McAneney Patrick of Leckin county Tyrone farmer died 5 July 1947 Administration Londonderry 29 August to Charles McAneney farmer. Effects £219 18s.

    McAneny James of Leckin Gorticastle Omagh county Tyrone retired farmer died 8 December 1948 Probate Londonderry 29 September to Bernard McAneny artisan. Effects £324 2s. 6d.

    There might be some around in Leckin to this day if you were to make local enquiries. The McAneny farm was on what is now the modern Gorticashel Rd, just outside Plumbridge.

    I had a look in the local phone book but did not see anyone listed at that address (postcode BT79) but with many people today not having landlines or being ex-directory it doesn’t mean there isn’t. Plus the variations in the spelling of the surname makes it harder to search with certainty.

    You could post on the parish website to see if anyone today knows of the family:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 2nd July 2020, 08:55PM
  • Thanks once again.



    Saturday 4th July 2020, 02:56AM