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I am trying to find information on:

James McCallister, B ~ 1720-1730 likely Northern Ireland. Married Mary McGloughlin 1747 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. 

Spelling of surname is varied - McAlister, MccAlister, McAllister, etc.

 We do know his wifes name was Mary (per his will) but do not know where she was born or even if her maiden name was McGloughlin.  (there were many James McCallisters in Philadelphia in the mid 1700's. 

We believe his children were born in Virginia and might give a clue to what his/her  parents/siblings names were:

Thomas, John, James, Richard, Edward, Garrett, Mary and Hannah. 

We do know that by the mid 1750's he owned land in Virginia.

I can not find passenger lists or any indicatation of when he/she imigrated to the United States.

Are there resources that could help me determine when he/she arrived in the United States?


Jeanie McCallister 



Wednesday 12th January 2022, 10:50PM

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  • Good morning

    Ive attached a guide we produced that details how to locate passenger lists. Travelling to Philadelphia it is likley they are from Northern Ireland, or the border areas.


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    Bernadette Walsh

    Tower Museum, Archivist  

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    Bernadette Walsh, IrelandXO Partner

    Thursday 13th January 2022, 10:43AM

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