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Searching for info into James O'Maley b. 1778 Killcogan and married in Moycullen Parish 1778 to Joan Mullowney from Tullikyne. James's occupation was agriculture.

Children: Bartley -b. 2 Feb 1800 died at birth, Bridget- b. 23 Feb 1802, Patrick-b. 22 Feb 1804, Mary-b.17 Jan 1806, Anne-b. 4 Feb 1808, John- b.18 Mar 1810, James -b. 11 Mar 1813, Bartley-b. 3 Sep 1815 Children all Baptised at Moycullen Parish sourced by Moycullen Registers

They lived in Killclogan. John married Elizabeth (Biddy) Burk b. 1816. Looking for additional info on Biddy. They had 6 children born in Ireland before emmigrating to USA in 1851. Children: James 1838, Patrick 1840, Hannah Elizabeth 1843, John 1846, Twins- Judith and Margaret 1850 both died at birth. Three children born in USA- Maria C 1853, Bartley 1855, Mary Jane 1858. 

The family settled in Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio

Searching information on James O'Maley and Joan. Also, info on Biddy Burk.  James and son John are listed on the Blake Census in Moycullen Parish. Looking for more on the children of James O'Maley. Would appreciate all sources.





Monday 7th Jun 2021, 07:57AM

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  • Moycullen volunteer alerted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 7th Jun 2021, 02:56PM
  • Thank you. I am excited someone there might be able to help. I wish I could make the trip.


    Tuesday 8th Jun 2021, 08:56AM
  • Hi Patty,

    I am not the Official Volunteer as referred to by Roger, but I do contribute occasaionally to Ireland RO.

    My maternal grandfather came from the adjoining townland of Curry (Curragh in old Church records). I may be able to assist you in your queries, but because ot the time length it would be a slow process. If you have access to a mailbox I can forward any information that may be relevant to you.

    I attach copies of the Tithe Records for 1828 and a map of the area, which was created for the sale of the estate in 1851.

    The name "Mally" is in Killoclogane, but not "O'Mally". Molony does not appear in Tullokyne (Present spelling), but does in local townlands.

    Best Wishes,




    Tuesday 8th Jun 2021, 01:08PM
  • Attached Files

    Further Information on Kilcloggaun - Moycullen Parish

    Copies of Ttthe Records which I obtained some 20 years ago and details of the census - 1841 - and 1851.

    They give a fairly accurate record of the time period. Kilcloggaun had only one resident shown in Griffith's early 1850's.

    Did the O Maley's avail of the Famine Passage in 1851?

    Credits: Valuations



    Wednesday 9th Jun 2021, 08:46AM
  • Thank you so much. Maybe not info on Mullony, but I think maybe connection with Burke. I had her narrowned down to two families.

     James and John O'Maley were listed in the Moycullen Blake's Cenus-Moycullen Heritage. Along wDan Liddane who was a

    sponser on some Baptisms, etc.  Laurence and  Patt Mullowny are also there, which I thinkare a relations to Joan. I also think

    the Burke you had is probably a relation to Biddy. I also find a James O'Maley in the Grand Lodge Freemasons of Ireland 22 Jun 1805.

    He may also have been in the Navy. And yes, John and his family came in the Famine passage 1851. I can't understand why I can't find James or Joan in cemetery. I now have possibilities to work with. 

    I appreciate so much the investigation you have done. I thank you.


    Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 01:05AM
  • I'm sorry I did't ask. What is your first name?


    Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 01:12AM
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    Hi Patty,

    In relation to "Freemasons", it is unlikely that James woluld have considered for membership, as only the wealthy land owners and business people would be members and also Roman Cacholics would not be free to join.

    As regards "Burke" there is a family in Kilrainey, Moycullen village who are landowners. They are usually recorded as ESQ (Mr).

    There is a Patrick Burke in Gorthacalla who appears to be renting in Currawaite as well. Most people named "Burke" are in the Kilcummin parish (Oughterard). Many men went outside the parish for their spouse. Usually recorded in the parish record as - no spouse shown.

    I attach a printed copy of Father Blake's record from 1944 - ANALECTA HIBERNICA - No. 14. Report on Documents relating to the WARDENSHIP OF GALWAY. Edited by Edward MacLysaght, M.A.. If you enlarge the "O" it would appear to relate to "confessions being held in that house?" 

    AS regards "Maley and Meally" it is not easy to distinguish Who is either, due to the fact that the "O and Mac" were not accepted by the English Authorities.

    Best Wishes,




    Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 10:45AM
  • Attached Files

    Hi Patty,

    Some difficulty in forwarding copies of documents.The post will only take a limited weight.

    Attached: Father Blake's record on Kilcloggaun and some detail on Ireland - early 1700 . Credit: Jonathan Bardon 2008.

    Best Wishes,



    Thursday 10th Jun 2021, 12:19PM

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