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Hi my name is Brian Philbin. 

I live in America and I have been doing extensive family research. Unfortunately I have little info on my Philbin family history prior to around 1870 and I have hit a wall in my research. Woud love to connect with any family that might still be in the area that coud help me connect the dots to my family tree. .

Here is what I believe to be accurate:

James Philbin (My Great Great Grandfather) was born around 1844.

Ann Murray (Philbin) (My Great Great Grandmother) likely born around the same time1844-1848.

They married November 11, 1866 in Ballina. 

They then show up on the 1871 census in Selkirk Scotland. They had 4 daughters (one died after a few months) all born in Selkirk , Scotland. On the birth certificate of their daughter Ann in 1871 is where they listed their marriage date and location in Ballina. . 

Then they moved to South Shields England by 1873.  They have one more daughter and 4 sons. 

James emmigrated to Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1883 with his two eldest daughters.

Ann and the remaining children join James in Scranton in 1884.  On Ann's ship papers she listed he last adress as Sligo.  

I believe James Philbin was likely from the Ballina area. Ann did list on her immigration papers to America in 1885 that her last residence was in Sligo (perhaps she moved back with family in Sligo right before departing for America?)  

This leads me to guess that perhaps they were both from the Kilmoremoy parrish since it stradles both Mayo & Sligo, but just a hunch.

I unfortunately do not know any of James or Ann's parent names or siblings,      

Brian Philbin

Friday 27th August 2021, 07:33PM

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  • Brian:

    Can you share a copy of the marriage record between James and Ann? I've searched for a civil or church record with no success. Thanks!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 27th August 2021, 08:17PM
  • Brian,

    Scottish birth certificates for 1855 and then 1861 onwards record where and when the parents married.  Usually that’s pretty accurate, but not always.

    Ballina is in the parish of Kilmoremoy. I have checked the RC marriage records for November 1866 and there’s no sign of James & Ann’s marriage. Here’s the records for 1866:

    And as Roger has commented, there’s no sign of the marriage in the Irish civil records either (which there should be). Daughter Catherine (born 7th Sept 1867) has the same date and place of marriage on her birth certificate, so you would expect the information to be reliable. But whatever the explanation it isn’t in the Irish records where you might expect to find it.  No easy way round that.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 27th August 2021, 09:21PM
  • Thank you Roger and Elwyn.
    I am including some documents that I have that may be helpful...but not sure I'm offering anything here that hasnt already been discussed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    - 1867 - Birth of daughter Catherine in Selkirk Scotland (mentions 1866 marriage in Ballina... spelled "Ballyna")
    - 1869 - Birth of daughter Mary in Selkirk Scotland (mentions 1866 marriage in Ballina)
    - 1871 - Birth of daughter Ann in Selkirk Scotland (mentions 1866 marriage in Ballina)
    - 1881 - Census from South Shields England. This was a year before my Great Grandfather James Aloysius Philbin was born.

    Brian Philbin

    Monday 30th August 2021, 04:53PM

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  • The couple seem to have been very consistent about where and when they married. (I have seen other Scottish based Irish couples where the date and place varied over 5 or 6 years (on their various children’s birth certificates), indicating perhaps that they weren’t really married at all, or just they had bad memories). So that tends to make me think your couple were married on the date they said. But it ought to be in 2 places ie the civil records and the church records. And it isn’t in either.  A bit odd.

    Tradition was to marry in the bride’s parish. You could have a look for her baptism in the Ballina records, but otherwise, I don’t know where you go from here. 

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 31st August 2021, 12:58PM
  • Thank you Elwyn! 
    I appreciate you looking for the records. 

    Brian Philbin

    Tuesday 31st August 2021, 10:52PM
  • Elwyn,

    I did find this entry in the link you sent of the Church records for Kilmoremoy in 1866 (July) . 

    Its clearly not James Philbin & Anne Murray... but the spelling of "Filbin"  and "Fiblin" makes me wonder if perhaps there might be a civil records for James and Ann under one of those spellings?



    Brian Philbin

    Friday 3rd September 2021, 02:29PM
  • my pix didnt seem to paste.  I will now attach

    Brian Philbin

    Friday 3rd September 2021, 02:31PM

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