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James Reilly Landholder

The "Informant" for the birth of Michael Walsh, my great-great-uncle, on 21 Aug 1864 was "James Reilly, Grandfather, Landholder, Prison" (see the Civil Record). When I checked Griffith's Valuation (Print Date 1857), four Occupiers named James Reily are listed for the townland of Prison, East: James Reily (Murtagh), James Reily (Bryan), James Reily (Matthew) and James Reily (Bryan). Sir Compton Domvile is shown as the Landlord. 

Is an "Occupier" or "Tenant" different than a "Landholder"? Would there be a record of land owners that is separate from Griffith's Valuation? Is there a way to determine which of the four occupants, if any, is my 3xgrt-grandfather James Reily?  

Thank you sincerely for your help.

Elizabeth Byrne 


Tuesday 6th August 2019, 04:14PM