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I am trying to trace my gr grandfather James William Trappitt who travelled to Ireland from Surrey in England in 1895.  His death is recoreded in the family bible as 1931 in Dublin but I have been unable to find a death certificate in Ireland or England records. Any help would be much appreciated. 


Wednesday 16th September 2020, 04:32PM

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  • Hello Pansy, I am afraid I can find no sutiable death online, I searched the civil death record even under James here and nothing to see, there is no sign of him on the Irish Census of 1901 or 1911 either but the search does not bring back variants etc the civil records are free here from 1864 to 1970, sign in but free. The census is also free to view if you search for it.

    Why was he in Dublin, did he work here full time etc or could he have died at sea or some such, a search on Ancestry brought back a baptism of a Trippette but in 1861 or so. If he died in an accident or such there may have been an inquest etc and a search of the papers might yield a report but it is unusual as deaths at sea are recorded etc.

    Sorry cannot be more helpful but it remains a mystery, if you have any more info even his age or if married etc but the name is so unusual here that it should jump out of a search, mind you some site do not go that far forward, have you tried the free Family Search site. They done there own copying but they are on pay sites too but often come further into recent times.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Thursday 24th September 2020, 04:24PM
  • Hi Pat thank you for your response to my enquiry. 

    James William Trappitt was born in 1857 and died in1931. We have no idea why he chose to go to Ireland or what he did to support himself when he was there.  He was a bricklayer and labourer here in England. His father was given as 'unknown' on his marriage certificate and he always used his mother's name ie Trappitt and all his children here in England were 'Trappitts'.  I subsequently found his birth certicate giving his father as Robert John Hopper Chaplin but although his mother's name was given as 'Chaplin formerly Trappitt' they were never married. In fact Robert and Elizabeth were first cousins. One family anecdote says that James 'went to Ireland using his father's name, married and raised a second family there'.  I have searched under 'Chaplin' but have still found no connection. His wife back in Surrey, England was called Alice and they had nine children, my grandfather (also called James William)  being the sixth child. 

    According to the family bible James returned to England once, when his wife Alice was dying but returned to Ireland where, it states, he died in 1931 in Dublin.

    This is my one big brickwall and one I would dearly love to solve.




    Friday 25th September 2020, 09:56AM