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Jeremiah Casey born in Co. Limerick about 1829

I am looking for the parents of my Great-great grandfather Jeremiah Casey.  The only thing I know is that he was born in County Limerick.  That information comes from his death certificate.  He died in Chicago, 1902.  He was married to Margaret Meade of County Clare. I don't know if they were married in Ireland or in the US.  There was a Margaret Meade and Jeremiah Casey who were married in Baltimore, but this is not them.  They stayed in Baltimore.  They had children, Timothy born about 1851, John born about 1853, Patrick b. 1856, Mary about 1860, Margaret born about 1863 and Daniel born in 1870.  All of those dates come from the 1870 census all of the Children except Daniel were born in Virgina, Daniel was born in Chicago, IL. 

I thought possibly Jeremiah's father might have been Timothy because of the naming order.  I haven't been able to find anything at Ancestry, Family Search.or any of the Irish sites that I know about.  I'll be so thankful for any help.  --Gail


Saturday 29th August 2020, 12:17AM

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  • Gail:

    Welocme to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I checked the subscription site Roots Ireland and there were no Jeremiah Casey baptismal records around 1829 in Co. Limerick. There was a record in 1819 and then the next record was in 1858. There are a good number of RC parishes in Co. Limerick which have records starting later than 1829 so perhaps he was baptized in one of those parishes. No marriage record to a Margaret Meade either.

    You may want to add Jeremiah's emigration story to our XO Chronicles site.

    Roger McDonnell

    Saturday 29th August 2020, 01:07PM
  • Thank you for looking, Roger.  Jeremy may be destined to remain a brick wall.

    Sunday 30th August 2020, 12:40AM