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I am requesting any information or link to records for birth, baptism or death of Jeremiah Kelly...born 1820 to William Kelly and Julia Flynn....Galway.

Thank you

Marie K


Friday 10th September 2021, 09:29AM

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  • Marie:

    There is a record for a Jeremiah Kelly baptized November 22 1820 in Tuam. Parents were William Kelly and Mary Flynn. Do you think this is the correct record despite the difference in the mother's maiden name?

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 10th September 2021, 03:45PM


    Hello again Roger

    These Kelly's are being very difficult!  On a previous reply from you, you mentioned that William and Julia Kelly née Flynn had these children:- JAMES BORN 1814; JEREMIAH BORN 1820; SARAH BORN 1821; ELIZABETH BORN 1823; JOHN BORN 1824...I think he may have died very young....MARY BORN 1825 and JOHN BORN 1828(he is my husband's great grandfather).

    I have found records for JAMES; SALLY born 1821; ELIZA CATH born 1823; MARY born 1825 and JOHN born 1828 but haven't been able to find anything on Jeremiah!

    Re an earlier query from you, you asked if I had a record of the death of William Kelly...died 1882....I don' is just inscribed on the Kelly family tombstone in Cortoon Cemetery.

    I just wish it was possible to come back to Galway and Tuam and Oranmore to do some more searching but by the time airlines are in business again I am afraid I might be too old to fly.  Just so blessed we had five trips to your wonderful country....ooops...I should say OUR wonderful country as we both have our Irish citizenships and are so proud of them.

    Thank you again for what you are is so important for our children and grandchildren to know as much as they can about their ancestors.

    Marie K


    Saturday 11th September 2021, 03:18PM