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Hello! I have been trying to trace Johanna's line for a while. We suspect we know who she is, but as yet do not have DNA or other evidence to prove it.

Johanna (also seen in church records as Judith) was born approximately 1832, Rosecrea Parish, Tipperary. We believe her to be the child of Daniel Bergin and Margaret Russell, as they did have a child of that name baptised 21 Dec 1833. However, we cannot definitively make that assumption.

Daniel Bergin and Margaret Russell went to Australia in 1839. They brought their children, EXCEPT one child named Johanna, who was aged 7 and noted on the passenger list as being left in Ireland (no reason given). This Johanna would be the same age as ours.

Fast forward to 26 Jan 1859 in Templemore Parish, Tipperary, when our Johanna Bergin married Daniel Hayden. The marriage records do not state the names of any parents.

Johanna and Daniel live out their lives, with widowed Johanna living out her last years in Athnid More, Rahelty, in Tipperary. She died 23 June 1912.

Johanna and Daniel had 4 children:

Martin (1859-1930) - married Bridget Maher and had children Daniel and Johanna (and possibly more). We believe his family stayed in Ireland, and would love to know if there are any descendants still there!

Mary (1862-1945) - this is my line. She immigrated to New York City, USA, where she married Patrick Sutton, another Irish immigrant, in 1892. They had 8 children and the line continues today.

Joseph (1865-1952) - married Katherine Ryan, had several children in Ireland, then moved the family to New York City, USA, and had a few more children there.

Patrick (1868-1951) - never married or had family that I could find. He died in the County Home in Thurles, Tipperary.

If anyone can help prove Johanna's lineage, or if there are any Bergin-Hayden descendants out there, I'd love to hear!


Kerry Gans

Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 05:38PM

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  • Have you seen this Johanna?

    Johanna Bergin
    Baptism: 21-May-1833
    Roscrea, RC parish of ROSCREA
    Co. Tipperary

    Father: Patrick Bergin
    Mother: Judy Gready

    sponsors: Dennis Dooly, Mary Toohy
    From rootsireland


    Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 10:44PM
  • Patricia,

    No, I had not seen that one. I will investigate. Thank you!


    Kerry Gans

    Friday 8th Jul 2022, 04:59PM

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