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I am looking for information about my paternal great-great-great grandfather and grandmother, John and Judith Prendergast, and their children. I believe John was born in Thomastown, Kilkenny in 1796, that he was a farmer and that passed away in 1874 in Thomastown. 

I believe John and Judith had seven children, Thomas (born in 1818), Mary (born in 1820), William, my great-great grandfather (born in 1821, passed away in 1901), Ellen (born in 1823), James (born in 1826, passed away in 1904), Patrick (born in 1830) and Margaret (born in 1832).

I have done extensive research via Roots Ireland, irishgenealogy and Ancestry and I've discovered this information. But, to date, little more.

I would love to know more about my fifth generation Prendergast family so any and all information is appreciated. I am particularly interested in finding out anything about John's father and mother and Judith Darcy's father and mother and siblings, if any. There may be a sister, Mary?

And anything about Judith Darcy. Other than she being the wife of John and mother of seven children, I cannot find any information about her. I have tried different versions of her last name, Darsy, Dorcy, etc. but I can't find anything about her. She is elusive!

Thank you in advance. I appreciate your time and effort and any forthcoming information. if any. about John and Judith Prendergast. 

Bill Prendergast


Friday 5th Aug 2022, 07:04PM

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    Civil records have the death of a John Prendergast, widower, of Blessingtown (Blessington - Civil) parish of Inistioge on February 15th 1874. His death reported by Thomas Prendergast.

    Tithe Records for 1829 have a John Prendergast in Blessingtown and Griffith's Valuation have a number of John Prendergast for the parish of Inistioge, including one for Blessington.

    You can access those records for free at for the Tithe Records and for Griffith's Valuations.

    Civil Record of death attached.



    Saturday 6th Aug 2022, 07:59AM
  • Bill,

    This family are recorded as "Pendergast" in www.rootsirelandie - Transcription.

    The church spelling appears similar. See James on left hand page attached.

    Many of the pages are faded.  Judith is shown as "Darcy" in most entries.

    Address: Blessingtown.

    The many baptism sponsors may assist you further.



    Saturday 6th Aug 2022, 01:45PM
  • Addition to previous Post: Tithe Records for County Kilkenny have 36 entries from 1823 to 1834 for "Darcy". There is one entry for a 

    William Darcy in the Civil parish of Wells in the Barony of Gowran. Townland shown as "Ravendon". The name "Dorcy" not shown.

    Subscription site  has an entry for the marriage of a William Darcy to Anne Grace on March 5th 1810 in Kilkenny city.

    Witnesses: John Dalton and Catherine Grace. Church record attached. See right hand page.




    Saturday 6th Aug 2022, 02:25PM
  • Hi my name is Patricia Conroy and my grandmother was Florence Darcy (born in New Jersey) who married Martin Conroy. Her father was Edward D'Arcy from Kilkenny. He was born October1857 according to US census records but don't know exact date.  According to what I have found so far is that he immigrated to the US in 1873 but was also married in 1873 to  Annie Gannon (also from Ireland). I found a marriage receipt for them in Jersey City, New Jersey where they lived and are buried. I am assuming they came here together or knew each other from Ireland and met up when he arrived. I do know he had a sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth purchased his tombstone and had put on it that he was a native of Kilkenny.  Has anyone come across an Edward D'Arcy with a sister Elizabeth in Kilkenny while searching for Judith? If so can you share the information with me as I have yet to find any.

    Also, according to their tombstone Darcy was spelled with an aposthrophe D'Arcy but I believe when they settled in the United States and he married they removed the aposthrophe. 

    Any help would be so greatly aprreciated.

    Thank you,




    Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 01:20PM

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