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I am trying to trace my ancestors. The earliest I have are sir Walter Boggan married to Lydia O Moore. One son, John Boggan born in 1648. 
Hope you can help me.     
Selena Davis Kindig






Wednesday 28th October 2020, 07:03PM

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  • Hi Selena,

    I hope you are well. Do you know if all were born in Donaghmore, Donegal and what was their religion?

    Unfortunately, a lot of records here only go back as far as the early 1800s.

    Ps there are Bogan families living here now.



    Donaghmore Donegal

    Monday 7th December 2020, 04:08PM
  • Selena,

    I am a descendant (5th great grandson) of Sir Walter Boggan (1700-1756) through his son James Patrick Boggan (1740-1799). Sir Walter Boggan is the son of Walter Howard (Jonah) Boggan (also spelled Bogan). The older Walter was born on 28 April 1664 in Little Hempston, Devon, England, graduated from Oxford & passed away on 24 Feb 1703 in Castle Finn, Donegal. He was married to Elizabeth Gorges.

    The younger Sir Walter Boggan emigrated to Wadesboro, North Carolina, U.S., where he passed away in 1756. He and Lydia O'Rorie Moore had eight children. Are you in the U.S. or Ireland?

    John B.

    Wednesday 28th April 2021, 03:14PM
  • I am in the US. Indiana 


    Monday 16th August 2021, 11:05AM