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John Bourke's daughter Mariah Agnes born ~1850 in Gort Galway. Married in Australia in 1871 to WIlliam H Toohey aka Pat.  She is my Great great grandmother.  I can't find a John Bourke near Gort in the Griffith's valuation.  I believe he also had a son Patrick and another daughter Mary who married into the Hund family.  Very keen to learn more about this family.


Saturday 13th Nov 2021, 03:46AM

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  • Fran:

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Kiltartan civil parish does have a John Burke in Gort townland.

    I was unable to find any baptismal records on the subscription site Roots Ireland for children of John Bourke/Burke and Maria Cooper. I also did not locate a marriage record. Since the baptismal records for Gort RC parish start in June 1848, I'm wondering if Mariah Agnes and her siblings were born before June 1848 in which case no records will be available.

    I also did not find any Hund marriage records in Ireland from 1864-1900.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 13th Nov 2021, 01:19PM
  • Hi Fran,

    To add to Roger McDonnell's Post, I attach a record in relation to court proceedings in Gort where the Plaintif was a John Burke.

    There are also records of a John Burke who may be associated with the Gort Workhouse. He may have been s supplier of services.

    The surname "Cooper" is recorded in Galway city and Portumna, County Galway.




    Saturday 13th Nov 2021, 02:09PM
  • A Mary Burke married a Hunt (not Hund) in the RC parish of Tuam in Galway on 23-Apr-1888. I hope this helps. (From rootsireland)


    Tuesday 16th Nov 2021, 02:26AM
  • Thank you so much Roger, McCoy and Patricia for your invaluable research findings.

    I tend to forget that in an age of limited education surnames have a variety of spellings.

    I just realised that (Ann/ Annie/ Agnes)/(Maria/Mariah) Bourke born ~1850 arrived in Australia in1869 with her sister Mary so I'm thinking she married in Australia.

    My apologies for this oversight. It seems quite brave for 2 young ladies from Galway to take a 4 mth journey to settle permanently in Australia. I'n wondering if a relative was already there?




    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 09:55AM

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