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I am eager to find out more about John Culbert, his parents, and siblings.  The reason is he could be closely related to my immigrant ancestor, Moses Cuthbert/Culbert (1804-1860) of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, who emigrated from Ireland to the USA in 1828.

John married Nancy ?, and is known to have had two daughters, Frances and Margaret.  Frances married Robert McNight in 1857.  One of John's grandchildren was named Moses McNight, which is not a common given name.  Margaret married Francis Power in 1863. 

John is known to have farmed in Glenmaquin Lower from 1858-1889.

I know of no Irish records that might be useful in identifying John's parnets and siblings, so am now hopeful a descendant might have a family history that would be informative.

All I have on John can be found here:



Thursday 25th March 2021, 02:48PM

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