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The Irish Examiner post an account 2nd Oct 1848 about  arrest of a John Carmody of Gurrane & Garrett Carmody, charged of harbnouring Richard O'Gorman ( Irish Volunteer in '48 rebellion )

Any more information on the case would be great to see. 

It was rumoured that O'Gorman escapted to the US disguised  as a woman onto an emigrant ship .

A John Carmody (aged 20) was listed on a ship which left Limerick for America ( December 1848)

Others arrested for the offence of Appearing in arms and for treasonable practices were:

Martin Quaid

Micahael, Patrick & Richard Costelloe

John Fitzgerald

David Madden

Patrick Mullane

and Edward Bagot   ( Baggott )

Investigation took place Monday 2nd October 1848 at Newcastlewest befoer Capt. JP Kennedy when they were committed to the Bridewell.

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on behalf of a Great great grandson of John Carmody in Chicago who is keen to find out .



Thursday 15th July 2021, 11:53AM

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