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John Hally - Hanora Dahol


I've contacted you a few times trying to find information on my ancestors and you have been very helpful on a few of them which I appreciated.

I've been trying to find out more about my Great Grandfather John Hally. He was born in County Waterford  22 Feb 1864. He immigrated to Boston with Mary Walsh and her brother Michael in 1887. They were from Tinniscart, Aglish. I talked to a relative on the Walsh side who visited the area and told me the Walsh and Hally families shared a farm area. But that was the only information he relayed to me.

When I wrote before for information on John Hally, I didn't have the Parents and I was told there were like 18 John Hally's born around the same time and area so it was difficult to know which one. I have recently received his death certificate which has his Parents listed. But on Ancestry I once again have come up against a brick I thought maybe you could if at all could find out any information.

John Hally Feb 1864,  Father - John Hally birthplace Co. Waterford, Mother - Nora Dahol birthplace Co.Waterford. I realize that Nora could be Hanora. I'm guessing they had to be born in the 1830's possibly early 1840's. As I don't know if John was their first, middle or last child.  But where i'm not finding her on Ancestry i'm wondering if whoever filled out the death certificate could have misspelled Dahol. The informant was his wife and maybe the one recording the information with her accent probably wrote down what she heard.

And here I thought I had a "aha" moment only to get frustrated again. That's why I thought I would turn here to just hope *fingers crossed* that you may have if any some answers that would help me.

Thank You again for the help in the past and the great things this website does I appreciate your time to help people.



Jennifer Hally 


Friday 7th August 2020, 01:07PM

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  • Jennifer:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I went back and read your 2018 message. I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and made a number of searches but did not find a baptismal or civil birth record for your John Hally. Although there were a number of John Hally baptismal records in Co. Waterford with father John, none had a mother of Hanora or Nora. I focused on the Aglish parish records and did not see any good leads. I tried Healy. I also tried Dower instead of Dahol (there were a number of Dowers in Aglish parish) but never found a good record.

    I searched on the free site for civil birth records in the Dungarvan district from 1864-1866. There were three John Hally records but none with a father John. I also searched for any Hally birth records from 1864-1866 and did not see a good lead.

    Not sure where to go next. Maybe John was not from Waterford. Let me know if you have any other information.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 7th August 2020, 01:50PM
  • Jennifer:

    I checked the 1901 census for Tinnascart. There was one Hally family

    Two houses away there was a Walsh family with a Healy nephew.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 7th August 2020, 03:05PM
  • Hello Roger, 

    Thank you for taking out some of your time for me. If I ever see these ancestors in the afterlife they are going to get a earful from me, for finding them so difficult !! 

    I'm wondering if they were close to Tipperary, like maybe Clonmel or Carrick-On-Suir on the border ?? I know my Father said we were from Tipperary. But where most ancestors died young I missed out on asking. But not knowing where the exact area is doesn't help me just more confusing. Especially when on all records I have found say John was born in County Waterford. 

    Looks like I need to keep searching for other records to see if there could possibly be some helpful information on them.

    On John's marriage record it lists his Parents as John and Hanora Doher, so maybe it could be Dower??  Dahol, Doher, Doker, Dower.....Who knows?? Why can't I have one of those ancestor trees that everything falls into place so nicely.

    Yes Catherine (Healy) Walsh is my 2nd Great Grandmother. Maybe I can see if I can track down any relatives on the Walsh side to see if they have any information, can't hurt right??

    I'm with you .....where to go to now?? It looks like more detective work for me searcing for clues.

    Thanks again Roger for your help,



    Friday 7th August 2020, 10:39PM