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John Hennessy and Elizabeth Sloane / Diocese of Cloyne

Dear all,

My ancestors came from Ireland. They were John Hennessy born around 1811 and Elizabeth Sloane born around 1826.

I know that they married in the Diocese of Cloyne in 1841. However, impossible for me to find were exactly in this diocese. As I a am French, I have some difficulties to find the right way to move forward in this genealogy tree. Someone may help me ?

Thanks a lot



Saturday 30th May 2020, 03:37PM

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    Hi Oliver,

    There are two Diocese covering County Cork and parts of surrounding counties. The Church of Ireland is now known as "Cork, Cloyne and Ross". The Roman Catholic one is "Cork & Ross". The Roman Catholic Diocese of "Cloyne" has its Cathedral in Cobh, formerly Queenstown.

    The town of Cloyne is situate in East County Cork and is between the town of Middleton and the Sea. 

    In relation to the marriage of John Hennessy and Elizabeth Sloane in 1841, I checked site and the Catholic list for the civil parish of Cloyne, but did not find any record.

    However, a check on has a record known as the Ffolliot Collection which has a a marriage recorded for June 6th 1841 of a John Hennessy and an Elizabeth Sloane at page 119.

    I am of the opinion that this is the record you have found and I believe that this was a Church of Ireland Marriage and performed in the town of Cloyne. There are no addresses given, so you will need to make contact with the Representative Church Body, Churchtown, County Dublin to see if the Cloyne Church Records are available for 1841.




    Sunday 31st May 2020, 08:12PM
  • Dear Mr McCoy,


    Many thanks for this very interesting feedback ! on this website (, I did not find the "June 6th", just the year "1841". Where did you find the day and month ?


    Moreover,on this website, I found some register from the Parish of Cloyne but this marriage is not written in June (but I have some difficulties to read it). Do you think these register are not complete ?


    Again, many thanks for your very usefull help and advise !




    Monday 1st June 2020, 06:22AM
  • Hi Oliver,

    The information is from the Ffolliott Collection courtesy of  The marriage was by licence and was performed in Cloyne parish by the Rev Richard Chester. The Witness was Philip Sloane. 

    John Hennessy is described as a Carpenter from Barnabrow and Elizabeth Sloane is from Ballycotton.

    Ballycotton is South of the town of Cloyne and Barnabrow is a townland in the Civil parish of Cloyne.



    Monday 1st June 2020, 07:31AM

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  • Dear Mr Mccoy,

    Your mail is incredible for me. I have been looking for such information since 25 years ! I knew that John was carpenter so it confirms for me that it is the right people !

    Do you have any idea how to progress further on that topic ? Origin of John and elizabeth ? Finding their family ?

    Thanks again for your support



    Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 05:03PM
  • Hi Oliver,

    You should research the Ffolliott Collection by Rosemary Ffolliott and others. It mainly concerns County Cork. It includes a list of people in the area which is known as "The Michael Leader Pedigree Collection". The names "Hennessy and Sloane" are mentioned, so there may be a connection to your family - www,

    You should also check out the Church of Ireland Historical Society, The Tithe Records for County Cork - Tithes - and Griffith Valuations - Lands and House Valuations 1840's and 1850's. The 1901 census could also give you some information, as some family members may still be living.



    Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 08:07PM
  • Thanks a lot Mr McCoy for your help. I believe the next step will not be easy.. as very few register are available before 1840...




    Wednesday 10th June 2020, 09:23PM