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Within the last month ive discovered 6 of the 7 daughters of the John Lydon (listed above in another post when someone graciously found the birth records for his children!) came to Syracuse NY where i live and married and died here.
John was brother to my 2nd great grandmother, Catherine Lydon Coyne and also to Jane Lydon Thornton. He stayed in Ballynakill along with at least another brother, Michael who was witness to Jane and Thomas's wedding.
John was married to Honour corbett and died in 1936 in townland of Ungwee and Honour died there in 1933.
His daughters:

Bridget married Patrick Lavelle in Syracuse on April 26, 1910 and died Jan. 20, 1948.

Ellen "Nelly " married Anthony Kelly and died before 1948.

Anna married Martin Joseph Flannery on June 12 1912 and died March 19, 1980. I was able to contact her still living daughter who is 98.

Honora "Nora" married Michael Joseph Linehan and died Jan 16, 1960.

Mary Jane married Patrick joseph Mullen and died May 4 1950.

The 6th daughter, Catherine came to Syracuse and worked as a servant in 1910 but after they learned their mother, Honour had been burned in a stove fire and being unmarried, Catherine decided to return to Ireland to help out. I believe she married James Joyce there and died in Ungwee in 1951 with her son Patrick Joyce in attendance. Catherine had been present at her father's death.
I have no idea where John, Honour and Catherine might be buried.
There was another daughter, Margaret Lydon was born in Ungwee in 1879 but doesn't show up in Syracuse and not mentioned in her sister's obits as surviving as Catherine in Ireland was so likely died before 1948.


Friday 21st June 2019, 09:19PM

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  • I have a cd Memorials of the Dead Galway & Mayo and found this entry - not sure if it's your ancestors:

    This monument is erected
    in loving memory of
    Honoria Lyden
    merchant Clifden
    who died June 17th 1901
    and her son Patrick
    who died June 28th 1911
    also in loving memory of
    her daughter
    Mary H Lyden
    merchant Clifden
    who died
    Jan 13th 1913
    her sister Margaret Lyden
    died March 27th 1926
    Thomas Lydon
    died 18th Feb 1941
    Andrew Lydon
    died 20th June 1944

    The graveyard is Ardbear which is "situated about one mile south of Clifden.  It mostly served the Catholic community. The quantity of large ornate high cross memorials indicates the increasing wealth of the Catholic merchant class from c. 1880. The older part of the graveyard is overgrown with mature trees, which may obscure earlier memorials centred around what appears to be a holy well".


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 22nd June 2019, 04:48AM
  • Thank you! i'm sure they might be connected given the area but i'm only aware of the parents of john lydon, Patrick and Bridget (coyne) lydon on down in my family


    Saturday 22nd June 2019, 08:20PM
  • I tried (subscription) but had no luck so tried findmypast (I don't have a subscription so can't see the details) & it has 3 John Lydon deaths 1936:

    LydonJohn1842 19361936 Irish Deaths 1864 - 1958Clifden, Galway, Ireland

    LydonJohn1851 1936 1936Irish Deaths 1864 - 1958Oughterard, Galway, Ireland

    LydonJohn1858 1936 1936Irish Deaths 1864 - 1958Ballinrobe, Galway & Mayo, Ireland


    LydonHonor1841 1933 1933 Irish Deaths 1864 - 1958Clifden, Galway, Ireland

    No luck with Catherine though


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd June 2019, 02:26AM
  • I found catherine's death in the civil records in 1951 listed s married and son Patrick joyce was with her.
    The first one for John is probably the one i found as based on his age in 1911 census i have him born about 1842.
    Both died in Ungwee townlands (also listed on death record) on civil parish of Ballynakill but record lists it as Clifden district.


    Sunday 23rd June 2019, 09:11PM
  • Robert, I have a letter dated May 1968 from a Mary Curran stating:

    Catherine (Kate) Lydon Joyce died and was buried by Martin in Banoug next to her husband. 

    I know Mary took care of Kate.
    I am now searching for Martin Lydon whose address was

    The Cottage  


    County Galway.


    J K

    Saturday 21st December 2019, 01:38PM
  • Does anyone know this cemetery "Banoug?" and where it's located in Galway?
    I tried looking for it by Google kept changing the name to cemeteries far from Ungwee where they lived in ballynakill galway in the west.
    I found catherine's death record for May 1968 and her husband James joyce in 1951. both lived in Ungwee but both died in Fatima hospital in Clifden.
    THANKS for the help!


    Saturday 21st December 2019, 10:23PM
  • I have the records of john lydon's death in Clifden townland of Ungwee in 1936. his wife Honora died there in 1933. Catherine Lydon Joyce died in may 1968 and her husband james joyce in 1951. All the other daughters died here in syracuse syracuse NY.


    Friday 3rd January 2020, 03:00AM


    The nearest cemetery in that area is Ballynakill which is in the townlands of Dooneen/Cartron. It is located off the main N59 road to Leenane, close to the sea and includes an old church.

    There are a few good 'photos by Andrew Kropff taken in 2016. Google: Ballynakill Cemetery+Dooneen. From looking at the Griffith maps there does not appear to be any cemetery in Baunoge.




    Friday 6th March 2020, 08:15PM
  • Hi,

    Further to earlier post, I found a reference to a "Graveyard" in a subdenomination of Baunoge, named "Shanvallybeg" which only contains c10 acres.

    Google "Baunoge+Letterfrack" and scroll down to NUI Galway Collection for Baunoge where there are a number of handwritten notes in relation to the townland.  The graveyard is possibly in this area of Shanvallybeg?. Ref. Ordnance Survey Map 1899.




    Friday 6th March 2020, 09:03PM
  • I misspoke above: Catherine lydon Joyce died in May 1968 in Ungwee but at Fatima hospital in Clifden. Her husband James Joyce died in 1951.
    In Catherine's death record it lists her son Patrick was with her at her death.
    I don't know who the "Martin " mentioned in the letter above would be, possibly another sibling? If you ever connect with him if love to be in contact with him to connect my family to possible family still living in area.


    Wednesday 14th April 2021, 04:32PM
  • I misspoke (again!) Above. James Joyce died Oct 9, 1952.
    I checked the death records I have for James and Kate and both list "Christina CURRAN, Occufier/Occupier (hard to read) as present at death of both James and Kate. Wonder if related to the Mary Curran who wrote the letter about Kate's burial. Or maybe she was an official at the hospital since they both died at Fatima hospital in Clifden and Christina Curran's name is listed in other deaths on the page.
    I was also wrong that there is no mention of a son Patrick present at Kate's death (don't know where that came from) .
    Kate's mother honor's death record, wife of Kate's father John lydon lists her son in law James Joyce as present at her death and she Apparently died at home as no hospital mentioned. And Kate was present at her father's death also at home in 1936


    Thursday 15th April 2021, 02:50PM