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John William Golden (Golding) Richard Golden from Ardstraw

I have done the DNA testing and through a cousin's research I have ended up here. Both John William Golden and Richard Golden mention Ardstraw Tyrone as the birth place. They were granted land in Georgia for service in the Revolution. I am not sure if they were land owners in Tyrone or just passing through. I have most of the connections for the United States on FamilySearch and through some local offices here in Indiana. Richard Golden had a son named Thomas Lowe Golden he settled in Crawford County Indiana. Anyone having some history on my ancestors it would be most appreciated. I also am willing to help others with information on the Goldens here in my area that may have immigrated with the family. Here is my line.

John William Golden SR 1675-1749 Tyrone

John William Golden JR 1725- 1801 Tyrone to Virginia Colony

Richard Golden 1746- 1796 Tyrone to Virginia Colony

Thomas Lowe Golden 1790-1850 USA Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky

Stephen C Golden 1811-1879 USA Indiana and Illinois

John N Golden 1835-1872 USA Illinois

Edward Hall Golden 1869-1927 USA Kentucky

Earl Golden 1905-1967 USA (my grandfather) Kentucky and Indiana


Monday 22nd April 2019, 02:57AM

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  • Was John William Golden senior  1675 -1749 Tyrone the father of John Golden and Richard Golden?

    Here in the USA me and my blood uncle have genetically tested positive for Tyrone county Ireland. We also have it from family lore that thats were we are from. Also that a Richard Golden aka Golding was our ancestor from Ireland in the 1700's.  If the above John and Richard were brothers it could be that one of them was the Grandfather of a Richard Golden born in 1815 in upstate South Carolina USA, 5 to 20 miles from Georgia, results below. I have been searching Richard of the 1700's and have not made a definate connection. I hope I can find more about John Golden, he may be our Richard of 1815's grandfather.

    I am Helen Golden Cole, in my 60's,. My uncle is Paul Golden Junior in his 80's. I live in Oconee County  South Carolina, my uncle lives in Atlanta GA. Finding out the actual city, Ardstraw, is facinating. Tried to paste what I have found so far, and no go. 






    Saturday 8th February 2020, 04:39PM








    Pasted at last

    RICHARD GOLDEN (1740-1795) came from County Tyrone, Ireland prior to 1766 and settled in SC/GA. Married "Frankie" Lowe. Believed to have moved to the border area of Ky/Tenn. Seven known children: STEPHEN Ky); EDMOND (Ill): Thomas L. (Ind); Betsey Evans (Ky); Sarah Mackey (Ky); Nancy McFarland (Ky); Winnie Messer (Ky). Families lived in 3 locations: Knox Co., Ky; Clay Co.,Ill; Crawford Co


    STEPHEN Golden, SR. h/o Hannah (Helms) Golden. Father of: James, Thomas Lowe, Nancy, Solomon M., Amelia "Milley", George Edmond, Sarah Jane "Sally", Stephen Golden, JR., and Mary "Winnie" Golden. DOB 1767 Georgia, DOD May 18, 1855, age 87-88.
    Buried in Golden Creek Cemetery, on Knox/Whitley County line, Golden Creek Rd. Buried beside his wife. NO DIRECT CONNECTION TO OUR RICHARD FOUND, missing father. 


    EDMOND Golden (DOB February 2, 1788, South Carolina, DOD, Christmas, 1867, 89 yrs old) The son of Richard Golden, born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and his wife Franky Lowe.

    1819 - Edmond and his brother Thomas L. Golden took their families north and settled in Patoka Township, Crawford Co.

    1820 Crawford Co., IN census, p. 14
    Edward Golden 3-0-0-1-1-0 3-0-0-1-0
    One male b. 1775-1794 Edmund
    One female b. 1775-1794 Polly
    One male b. 1795-1802 younger brother? Hired man?
    Three males b. 1810-1820 Drury b. 1810
    Stephen b. 1812
    Thomas b. 1816
    Three females b. 1810-1820 Elizabeth b. 1813
    Sarah b. 1815
    Nancy b. 1817         unnamed males and females is fustrating


    Saturday 8th February 2020, 05:51PM
  • Another tidbit  

    John Golding born 1775 Tyrone Ireland 

    "            "             died.   ?        Greene, Tennessee, USA

    John William Golden Jr. Died June 30,  1801




    Saturday 8th February 2020, 08:10PM
  • More research is needed on these Goldens. Other than family lore from a genealogy informally published in the 1980s, there is no evidence or any genealogy older than the 1980s indicating that the Richard Golding/Golden line came from either Ardstraw, Ireland or from anywhere in Ireland.

    Extensive YDNA testing has been done on these Goldens and related Golden families. These are YDNA haplotype 'G2a' Goldens. There is a secondary line of Goldens that do claim descent from John William Golden 1725-1801 and that is the Mark Golden line born c1762 in Georgia. Family lore and a number of genealogies claim that John William Golden came from Virginia, and may have born a Gwaltney (Gualmey, Gualney). The Gwaltneys are of Welsh descent and the G2a YDNA of male Goldens from this line very closely identify with a small area in Wales. 

    The area of Virginia where the Gwaltneys and John William Golden alledgely came from was heavily settled by Welsh settlers, to include my own family. It was not uncommon among Welsh males to take on whatever name they wanted.

    While I am a Golden, am not a G2a but a R1b, my line arrived in Virginia as Keelings. I am however related to the G2a Goldens via intermarriage and constantly in contact with several of their family historians.

    G2a Goldens from Gwaltney family of Pembrokeshire, Wales?

    Sunday 16th February 2020, 03:09PM