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Searching for Kate Loughnane, born about 1884.  from Ballinasloe. do not know parents names. Kate married Joseph Kelly and possibly died in child birth . Daughter Sarah Kelly born 12/24/1902. Father Joseph Kelly passed away 1916 or 1917.Sarah went to America and married James Gilleece.


Diana Ford

Friday 23rd October 2020, 02:04AM

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  • Hi Diana

    Welcome to IrelandXO.

    Birth of Kate Loughnane 1884 to Edward Loughnane & Ellen Carroll

    Marriage Record 20th March 1902

    Death of Kate Kelly in March 1905 / Son Patrick 28th Feb. 1905

    Joseph Kelly Marriage record indicates he was a Soldier, 1911 census recorded by Initials only so difficult to find.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Friday 23rd October 2020, 02:15PM
  • Thank you Gerard. Your help is truly appreciated. Loughnane ,perhaps from Ballibadloe, is ancestral surname. While I have discovered a few Loughnane connections, no direct links to my 2nd great grandmother Anne Loughnane.

    Diana Ford

    Sunday 1st November 2020, 08:18PM
  • Gerard information for Kate Loughnane was helpful. I am stuck on her father Edward Loughnane and his ancestors. Any help is appreciated.

    Diana Ford

    Thursday 12th November 2020, 02:37PM
  • I don't know if you have seen this attachement.



    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 06:15PM

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  • Thank you.  I did discover that Srarh Kelly, daughter of Kate Loughnane was orphaned at spent some time at Sisters Of Mercy on Harbour St. then came to USA where she married and raised a family.  She is a distant relative.  But I just cannot figure the Loughnane connection.  I would like to know about Kate Loughnane's father Edward Loughnane , his siblings and his parents. I am  lost.  


    Diana Ford 

    Diana Ford

    Wednesday 21st July 2021, 10:22PM