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My Great grandmother was Annie KAVANAGH (Born: 23 Oct 1863). Baptised 13 Nov 1863 (Kingstown, Dublin).  Emmigrated to New Zealand in 1884.  Married in New Zealand in 1890, to Anthony CONROY of Laois.

Annie KAVANAGH'S marriage certificate states that her parent's were John KAVANAGH and Rosanna DOYLE; whom were married on 27 Jan 1864, in Ballyoughter, Wexford (possibly lived in Ballydarragh, Wexford for a time).

They had 9 children, of which Annie KAVANAGH was the eldest (that I can find records of on Roots Ireland).

I get the idea that the family moved around, as Annie's marriage certificate states that she was born in Bray, Wicklow.

I am hoping someone can help me with the follow:

I hold a letter from John KAVANAGH, which is addressed from Crinken Cottage, Shankill, Dublin (1898); in which he updates Annie (in NZ) about her siblings.  I also found a document (Can't remember where from) but recorded in my notebook, that says that John was boen in "Thangana".  

I notice on Google maps that Crinken and Shananagh Park are close, and may have been on the same estate originally.  Could "Thangana" relate to Shananagh?

In the back of my head, I wonder if John was a garden at Shananagh Park?  Don't know if there are any records that may cover the estate of the time and the workers??



Thursday 19th Apr 2018, 09:47PM

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  • The parish of Kingstown originally extended to about the border with Co. Wicklow, and in the 1830s had a chapel at Crinken not far from LIttle Bray. Up until 1898 when some county boundaries were altered Little Bray was in Co. Dublin.

    The OSI map shows that Crinken House was located in Shanganagh townland, presume Crinkin cottage would have been located nearby. Griffith's primary valuation, dated 1849 for this area, shows the immediate lessor was a Miss Martha Roberts, at that time the owners of nearby Shanganagh Caste & House are listed as 'Reps. of Gen. Sir G. Cockburn', so seems he died recently and legal proceeding regarding his estate were still in progress.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 7th May 2018, 12:41PM

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