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Keenan/Clerkin Tydavnet Parish

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Francis Keenan came to Scotland prior to 1851 (presumably during the famine years) and died  in Glasgow, on 30 December 1869, of Typhus fever aged 59.  He was the son of Terence Keenan and Mary Malarky.

He worked as an iron company's labourer and was married twice:

1st to Sara Clerk or Clerkin in May 1826 Tydavnet Parish and they had at least 3 children.  They were Elizabeth (Betsy) 1836, Francis 1843, and Terrence 1845.  Birth dates are approximate and calculated from census returns and death certificates. Francis and Terrence did not marry and Elizabeth was still single in 1874

2nd to Mary McKenna on 7 May 1854 and they had one son, James born 1856.  Mary was the daughter of Michael McKenna and Helen and she was also the widow of Philip Scott.



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