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Kelly, Ayres, Ayers. Clare

Hello 3 of us are visiting Ireland in May 2020.. We had some paid research done by Clare Heritage Center in August of 2014 and we wish to follow up on this. Of interest among other is:

The reaserch is now 6-7 years old so perhaps there in more to glean here! 

John Kelly and Mary Ayers married January 1859 in the Parish of Kilrush. At the time the Church Marriage Regsister did not record the parents name. This could help if we had this information.  Witnesses were Thomas walsh and Patrick Kelly..

Birth records show 5 children, Thomas b.Nov 1859, Ellen b, 1860, John b. 1862, Mary b. 1863, and Bridget b. 1864. all in parish of Kilrush with family in Leadmore.

So really looking for recommendations on how best to use out time while in Ireland



Thomas Kelly


Friday 24th January 2020, 06:13PM

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  • Dear Thomas:

    Thank you for your post to the IrelandXO message board.


    I have forwarded this to one of our local volunteers who will be able to assist you.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions..


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    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 27th January 2020, 12:22PM
  • As a follow on to Tom's post. We are siblings and will arrive in early May. We would appreciate and advise and ideas you might have to assist in breaking through some barriers.

    We believe the father of our John Kelly, circa 1830 may either be a Patrick or John Kelly based on Co Clare research.

    John Kelly and Mary Ayers married in Kilrush on the 18 January 1859. At the time of marriage Mary Ayers was living in Carrowncalla, Kilrush. The witnesses to the marriage were Thomas Walsh and Patrick Kelly.

    The children of Mary Ayers, 1843 and John Kelly:

    • Thomas Kelly, Bap. 17 Nov 1859 – Sponsors: Pat Kelly and Johanna Purtill.
    • Ellen Kelly, Bap. 28 Dec 1860 – Sponsors: Patrick Kelly and Margaret Shannon.
    • John Kelly, Bap. 1862, 21 June 1862 – Sponsors: Sinon Ayers and Kate Foley.
    • Mary Kelly, Bap. 1863, 4 June 1863 – Sponsor: Margaret Hennessy
    • Bridget Kelly, Bap. 6 Jan 1865 – Sponsors: John Conway and Susan Fitzgibbons

    The children were all baptised at St Senan’s Church, Leadmore, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

    Thomas and John likely died before 1868 and the family's immigration to NY, USA.

    The remaining Kelly children Simon, 1868, Matthew Kelly, 1869, Michael Kelly, 1871, Patrick Kelly, 1872, John Joseph Kelly, 1873 and Thomas Joseph Kelly, 1875 [our Grandfather] were baptised in St Mary’s Church, Corning, Schuyler, NY.

    The parents of Mary Ayers [Eyers] were Thomas Ayers and Ellen Quinn of Carrowncalla.

    • Michael Ayers, 3 Aug 1939 – Sponsors - William Purtill and Catherine O’Dea
    • Mary Ayers, Bap. 15 Aug 1843
    • Margaret Ayers, 4 March 1846 – Sponsors John Higgins and Honor Purtill
    • Sinon Ayers perhaps a brother of Mary Ayers,

    Ellen Ayers nee Quinn later married Thomas Walsh on 26 Feb 1854 in Carrowncalla, Kilrush, Co Clare. The witnesses to the marriage were Thomas McCarthy and Honor Purtill.

    • Patrick Walsh, 25 March 1855 – Sponsors: Daniel Madigan and Bridget McNamara [evidence of a brother Patrick Walsh of Rochester, NY is confirmed in the Obituary Mary Kelly nee Ayers, 23 Jan 1914 Elmira NY].

    DNA matches are showing a link to Carroll Kelly of Kilrush, C 1830 who married Mary Myers.

    Known children:

    • Bridget Kelly, 1872 who marries Morgan Enright, 12 Jan 1872 at St Senan’s in Kilrush and have the following children all baptised in Kilrush, Co Clare:
    • Christopher, 1904
    • Mary Enright, 1905
    • Richard Martin Enright, 1907.
    • Bertha Enright, 1907
    • Patrick Kelly, 1875
    • Michael Kelly, 1877
    • Mary Kelly, 1879
    • Ellen Kelly, 1880.
    • Thomas Kelly, 1884
    • John Kelly, 1886
    • Carroll Kelly, 1888


    Sunday 1st March 2020, 05:46AM