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Kelly family of Carranmoneen and Vicar street Tuam

I am trying to find any descendants of Patrick Kelly Carranmore born 1819 and his wife mary Anne Gilmore who married in 1856. Patrick died in 1878 and Mmary kelly nee gilmore died in 1910 at the time of mary's death she was the owner of a Public house and Shop in Vicar street Tuam and her death was recorded by her grandson Patrick O'Grady. This patrick was a son of Delia (Bridget) born 1859 who married Martin O'Grady from limerick in 1881 both Delia and Martin had died by 1887 and Patrick was raised by his grandmother in Tuam. Patrick and mary Gilmore had a mumber of other children which included:

1: Martin born 1856 RIP 1880

2: Domonic born 1857 RIP 1886

3: Delia born 1859

4: Francis Born 1860

5: Patrick born 1861 Rip 1898

6: Thomas born 1864 married Lizzie kelly abd John died in 1906

7: John born 1865 married Nora Curley and Rip 1905

8: Charles born 1867 RIP 1901

9: Michael Francis born 1873 RIP 1875


Any assistance welcomed

Ed  (limerick)  eddieodea' 

Edmond O'Dea

Sunday 4th November 2018, 10:27PM

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