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My spouse's (Maureen MURPHY (nee KELLY) KELLY ancestors came to Australia from near Ennis in County Clare, Ireland.

We believe that they begin with Colonel John Patrick O'KELLY (1690-1746) of Aughrim, County Galway. His family later moved to County Clare. We believe there is a reasonable basis to claim (without being certain about this) that his son, Thomas O'KELLY (c1744-c1780), was the father of our Jeremiah KELLY (born c 1768) and who married Sarah mn unknown) who, in turn, was the father of Thomas KELLY (c 1796-29 Dec 1864).

So, from Thomas O'KELLY (who migrated to County Clare and dropped the 'O' from the name), we think Maureen's KELLY line goes to Jeremiah KELLY (born c 1768), to Thomas KELLY (c 1796-29 Dec 1864), to Daniel KELLY (c 1846-1920), to James Andrew KELLY(1878-1935) and to Maureen's father, James Andrew KELLY(1908-2000).

Thomas KELLY married Ellen CURTAIN (c1800-1888) in Ireland about 1830.

Thomas KELLY, son of Jeremiah and Sarah KELLY, and his spouse Ellen KELLY (nee CURTAIN) migrated to Victoria, Australia, about 1853 with their children. Thomas was about 57 years of age at the time. The shipping records for their arrival have not yet been located. Thomas KELLY was a farmer. Thomas and Ellen are buried in the Old Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria. Their children were Patrick (c1832-1903), Thomas (c1840-bef 1864), Ellen (c1842-1928), Jeremiah (c1843-1872), Daniel (1844-1920) and Sarah (c1846-bef 1864). Thomas and Sarah may have died in Ireland.

Maureen MURPHY (nee KELLY) is the great grand-daughter of Daniel KELLY. The birth of Dan KELLY to Tom KELLY and Ellen CURTIN on 15 Mar 1846 is recorded at

Important surnames in Maureen's family tree (in alphabetical order) are BARRY, CLANCY, CURTAIN, DONNELLY, DORAN, FOLEY, KELLY, KIRBY, QUIRK and SCOTT.

[Acknowledgment: My research has been assisted very much by Tony MORGAN's work on The KELLY Family of Kilmaley]

I have copied this message to the Aughrim (Galway) county site from the Clare site.

As to specific information I'm looking for, I'd be delighted to learn:

(1) whether Thomas O'KELLY was, in fact, the father of Jeremiah KELLY (c1768-?)?

(2) maiden name (and BDM information) for Sarah who married Jeremiah KELLY (c1768-?).

(3) townland in County Clare near Ennis where Jeremiah and Sarah KELLY lived and Thomas KELLY (c1796-1864) was born.

(4) shipping records for the migration of Thomas KELLY (c1796-1864) and Ellen KELLY (nee CURTAIN/CURTIN) to Australia.

(5) what happened to Thomas KELLY's (c1796-1864) parents, namely, Jeremiah (c1768-?) and Sarah KELLY? Did they die in County Clare or did they too emigrate and, if so, where to?

(6) BDM information about siblings of Thomas KELLY (c1796-1864).

(7) ancestral information about Thomas KELLY (c1796-1864) and his spouse (including their siblings).

At a more general level, I'm keen to (1) connect with my wife's KELLY Irish relatives, (2) confirmation of my researching so far or corrections that I need to make and (3) connect with other genealogists with an interest in my wife's particular KELLY ancestors.

I'm hoping, Sinead, that you are able to assist me please with some, or all, of the above.

I regularly use the Clare Library website.


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Wednesday 2nd May 2012, 12:34AM

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