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Kenefick Family from Cork

I am looking for information on my gg-grandmother. Her name was Margaret "Maggie" Kenefick. She was born Oct 4, 1843 in County Cork, Ireland. In 1844-1846 as a small child she came to America with her parents (who are unknown?). Supposedly she was separated from her family at some time, and she came west to Attica, Indiana on an "orphan train". In 1860 she is in Warren County, Indiana working as a domestic servant in the home of a farmer named John Schoonover. (Family lore says she was adopted by this family?) Next, on Sep 18, 1867 she married Isaac Shideler in Warren County, Indiana. I descend from the oldest of her five children, Hollis "Hollie" Shideler. The family moved from Indiana to Rice County, Kansas (by 1880) and to Mesa County, Colorado (by 1910).


Also, I have a DNA match through to the Kenefick and related families in Michigan City / LaPorte County, Indiana.

Michael Nolde

Monday 6th July 2020, 02:25AM

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    Hi Michael,

    Roots Ireland -  - Subscription Site - has a record of a "Margaret Kenefick" for October 28th 1843. No record for October 4th 1843.

    There are eight "Margaret Kenefick" with various spellings recorded fotr the years 1838 to 1845 inclusive in County Cork.

    Do you have her parents names? You should check her marriage and death certificates for their names.



    Monday 6th July 2020, 01:42PM
  • Hello!

    Thank you for the reply. I have her death records and they show "unknown" .  I need to recheck her marriage record but I think it only shows a Schoonover as a witness. She may have been adopted by them? 

    I see the page for the record you mentioned. That record on October 28 looks right! Amazing! Thank you!!! The only question I have is that on October 4 I read an entry with "William Kenefick " as father... and I can't read the rest of the line? Margaret listed October 4, 1843 as her birthday on documents??? Strange that another ""Kenefick" would be born on that exact day? Another mystery?!!!?! Lol. 

    Thank you so much for your help!!! -Mike



    Michael Nolde

    Tuesday 7th July 2020, 04:22PM
  • Hi Michael,

    I attach transcription of the birth on October 4th 1843 and a copy of the baptism register for the dates October 4th to 28th.

    There is a "James" baptised in March 1846 with the same parents names as Margaret on October 23rd 1843.

    I hope you succeed in your search.


    Credits: Catholic Baptisms


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 07:51AM

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  • You are amazing! So the family story outline comes together as follows...  

    Maurice Kenefick married Honora "Norry" Keeffe.

    They lived in Monagurra, Cork.

    In 1843 a daughter Margaret Kenefick is born.

    In 1846 a son James Kenefick is born.

    Sponsors and witnesses include Patrick Hoare, Mary Wilmoth, John Murray, and Honora Leahy.

    Thank you for your help! Now to build how this family connects to other Cork families...

    -Mike Nolde

    Michael Nolde

    Monday 20th July 2020, 01:48AM
  • Just in case you missed the obvious  Michael, the date given for Margaret is the baptismal date and in very many cases, the baptism date could be several weeks after the birth date especially if the family lived even a relatively short distance in modern day terms from the church and the baby was born at home. The baby was often baptised by the parents and then "officially" baptised in church when they managed to get there, The date of birth you have for Maregaret would tie in with the baptism date in these circumstances.

    Best iof luck with your ongoing search.


    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 04:26PM