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Is KILCOMMON Parish in Tipperary?

Good afternoon,

Before I post my query I want to make sure I am in the correct County. The records I have found are for Kilcommon Parish in Tipperary but I can not find that parish in Tipperary but rather in Limerick. Can someone explain? I am researching Ryan, Dwyer and Crowe families.

Thanks very much, Pamela Shea 


Saturday 1st August 2020, 05:46PM

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  • see reply on duplicate post


    Saturday 1st August 2020, 06:48PM
  • Dear SHANEW147

    Could you please repost your reply to my question?

    When I saw that I had posted it twice I deleted one of my posts without realizing that you had replied to it and so I never saw your response. 

    Thank you so much!



    Saturday 1st August 2020, 08:32PM
  • I asked about the source and date of the Tipperary record you mentioned - but think I have an explanation for you :

    There's no civil parish named KIlcommon in county Tipperary but there are several townlands with that name in the county as follows : one in Aglishcloghane civil parish, a second in Templebeg civil Parish and Kilcommon Beg/Kilcommon More (South)/Kilcommon More (North) all in Caher civil parish.

    The was a Catholic Chapel in Kilcommon townland (*) in Templebeg civil parish, which in the 1830s was shown as part of Templebeg/Kilcummin RC parish, part of Cashel and Emly Diocese - see Kilcummin/Templebeg RC parish and Kilcommon/Holyfort RC parish (NLI)  The Kilcommon reference in the name sometimes used for the parish seems to originate from the townland where a chapel was located. The RC parish covered most of the civil parishes of Templebeg and Toem, both in county Tipperary - some parts of these civil parishes were covered by the adjacent Catholic parish of Cappaghwhite/Cappawhite,

    So if your reference in a record in Kilcommon RC parish, Cashel & Emly Diocese then it originates from this Catholic parish based in county Tipperary, if so, you you did post this in the correct county. The Ireland Reaching Out System generally uses civil parishes, so If you've posting another query that relates to Kilcommon RC parish County Tipperary look for the parishes of Templebeg & Toem.

    * The chapel is listed as being in Kilcommon townland, but actually located in the adjacent Church Quarter townland.


    Saturday 1st August 2020, 09:16PM
  • Wow, thank you for that explanation. I have attached the birth record that I printed from that refers to the Parish of Kilcommon. Since it is a church record it probably refers to a RC parish not a civil parish. Is there a resource that converts an old church parish to a current day civil parish or do I rely on the "kindness of strangers"?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

    Warm regards,



    Sunday 2nd August 2020, 05:19PM

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  • I’m not aware of a comprehensive list online for the alternate names for parishes - I have created a database of Catholic Chapel location and parish layouts - e.g. see that  entry for Kilcummin/Templebeg RC parish in the previous reply.  I include various alternate names for the parishes, location of the chapels (townlands) plus details the civil parishes included in each - any of these, or any mix of, could be used as the catholic parish name. The ‘extended parish search’ option should be able to locate most of these variants - you can also use wildcards *. The entries also show the parish name or names used by the National Library of Ireland, I also include a link to the NLI registers for the parish..

    The baptism transcript you included is from RootsIreland, or one of it’s County centres - they sometimes use different names for the parish - in this case they have used the Kilcommon variant for the parish name i.e. the location of one of the Chapels.

    You can view the actual register entry for this John Ryan’s baptism on the National LIbrary of Ireland website - see this page - it’s the 3rd entry on the left page. The NL refer to the parish as Kilcommon/Holyford, the latter being the location of a second chapel for the parish,which seems to have been shared with the adjacent parish of Cappaghwhite.


    Tuesday 4th August 2020, 12:38PM