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Besides St. Molagga, St. Bartholomew's and Kildorrery Cemetery, are there any others nearby? If someone were from Carrigdownane for example, where would they most likely be buried?

Thanks for any help you can offer. 

Kind regards,

Kerri O'Keeffe

K O'Keeffe

Thursday 7th March 2019, 01:46PM

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  • Hi Kerri

    In reply to your query the graveyards in Kildorrery parish are as follows: Kildorrery, Molagga, Templemolagga, Farrahy, Rockmills, Carrigdownane.  Carrigdownane and Rockmills would be nearest. There is also Derryvillane graveyard which is across the Funcheon river from Carrigdownane but is in the parish of Glanworth. Most if not all of these graveyards are on the Historic Graveyards site. Might be worth having a look. If we can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Kildorrery Ireland Reaching Out  

    Kildorrery Cork

    Friday 8th March 2019, 04:04PM
  • Dear Brenda,


    Thanks so much for your reply. I had no idea there were that many! I have cousins in Fermoy, so I may ask them to go out there if I find anything on the website.

    Kind regards,


    K O'Keeffe

    Friday 8th March 2019, 05:18PM