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Laurence Kelly

Laurence Kelly was my great grandfather. According to his marriage cert, his father was also Laurence Kelly. Looking through baptismal registers, I cannot find a Laurence Kelly baptized circa 1853. The only entry I find with a Laurence Kelly as father around that time is for a Ben Kelly. I then guessed that his parents were Laurence Kelly and Bridget Hassett. Any thoughts?



Marie Dye

Friday 18th May 2018, 10:33PM

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  • Hi Marie, has the following 6 Laurence Kelly with father Laurence birth/baptism records 1853 + - 5 years (and another 14 1853 + - 10 years):

    Church BaptismKellyLaurence1854Co. Westmeath
    Church BaptismKellyLaurence1855Co. Armagh
    Church BaptismKellyLaurence1850Co. Dublin
    Church BaptismKellyLaurence1856Co. Kildare
    Church BaptismKeilyLaurence1857Co. Waterford
    Church BaptismKellyLaurence1849Co. Kilkenny

    Do you know which county they were from?

    Can post the full record of any or all if you like



    Saturday 19th May 2018, 02:25AM
  • Dear Marie:  Thank you for your post.  The Killaloe baptism registers are online through the Clare Past Forum.  This forum is located at the Clare Library website.  The link is below: You will need to click into the Forum (which is located at the upper left hand corner and join.  It is free to do so.  You can view the parish registers through that link.  The Killaloe registers were transcribed by a volunteer here and he has done a wonderful job.  

    If you have any difficulties, please let me know and I will take a look at them for you.  You should also check out the Clare Library website for the many resources that are up on the website for family researchers.  New material is being added all the time.  The best of luck with your research.  Please get back to me on this thread if you have any problems.  

    Kind regards,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 21st May 2018, 07:19AM