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Lavelle, Geraghty and Ginnelly brickwalls


I am trying to locate some of my ancestors who were from Kilmore Parish. I have hit a brickwall with these people.

Bridget Lavelle - birth approximate 1856, Married to James Ginnelly in Kilmore Parish on 17 Feb 1876. Civil marriage record lists her father as John Lavelle, deceased. Bridget Lavelle Ginnelly emigrated to St Paul, Minnesota, USA on 26 May 1904 on the SS Teutonic. She died on 23 Apr 1936 in St Paul.  I have not found a death record of John Lavelle, her father, who died prior to 1876 nor a birth record for Bridget Lavelle. Also no baptism records have been found which show John Lavelle as the father and living in the Morhan area.  I would really like to know who was Bridget Lavells mother, when was she born and when died. Where there any sibling of Bridget 

I have been a lot luckier with the Geraghty family and have me some of my living relatives. I am coming to Ireland to meet some other Geraghty relative. But similar problem to the Lavelle family we know that John Geraghty born abt 1821 and died around 23 Jul 1891 in the Belmullet area, we have not been able to find anything authoritive about his wife.

Similar to John Geraghty, Martin Ginnelly born abt 1817 and died abt 22 Jan 1897 in Ardoone is known but not his wife or sibliing. 

I have worked with the North Mayo Heritage Center in the past and been very happly with the results. But they can;t help because there is just no records from these time frames. 

I am coming to Ireland on Sep 2 through Sep 10. I will be visiting the Belmullet area and meeting some new friends and relatives 

Any help would be appreciated,

Rick Goffin



Sunday 25th August 2019, 08:20PM

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  • Rick, 

    Thank you for contacting Ireland Reaching Out. I'm glad to hear you are visiting Belmullet and have relatives to meet while here. If I can meet with you I will.

    I hope you can visit Ionad Deirbhile, the Heritage Centre and Turas Siar both places dedicated to the History and Heritage of the area. 

    As regards your research have you looked at the website Blacksod Sailings. Quite a number of people from this area emigrated to St. Paul, Minnesota which you mentioned as Bridget Lavelle Ginnelly's destination in 1904. Very likely she had relatives who emigrated there in previous years. You can search this website by Surname followed by US City or State. You should email the Heritage Center near to Blacksod to have them look at the ship's manifest for names you see as possible links. 

    I believe that Death Certificates in the US have both parents names on them. Have you seen or obtained Bridget's Death Cert?

    I will email you directly with contact details for those places to visit that I already mentioned.

     Best regards




    Friday 30th August 2019, 10:59AM
  • Thank you Caroline, 

    I plan on visiting Ionad Deirbhile on Sun September 8th or Mon September 9th. I have been there before.  I have never heard of Turas Siar before your message. I will definately visit it also. 

    I did ovtain the Death Certificate for Bridget Lavelle Ginnelly and the informat (one of her sons) had listed her parents as John and Bridget Lovell. I don't know how much stock to put into this information as he was not known as ' a bright bulb'.  

    Bridget did have in-laws that migrated before them. Actually Denis Ginnelly was on e of the Tuke people immigrating in 1883.  When Bridget's family came over they moved in with Denis Ginnelly and his family. Bridget's family came over in 3 or 4 wave spread over 6 or 7 years. 

    Hope to run into you. Thanks for your message and the information


    Rick Goffin



    Friday 30th August 2019, 03:02PM
  • Rick,

    Since the Death Cert did not state her Mother's maiden name the only thing left to do would be to look at Family Trees on Ancestry. I will contact Turas Siar on your behalf with the information you have given here. They may have some knowledge of these families from previous research.



    Saturday 31st August 2019, 09:50PM