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I am looking for records of the births, marriages and deaths of the following members of the Lee family and their spouses: 1. Daniel Lee (born 1835) and his wife Mary Fitzgerald. 2. Daniel Lee's daughter, Margaret Lee and her husband, Andrew Ryan. 3. Rev. Timothy Lee (born 1872) 4. Rev Lee's parents, Thomas Lee and Mary Ryan 5. Thomas Lee's parents, Thomas Lee and Catherine Fitzgerald. Some of them lived in Limerick.


Monday 7th September 2020, 04:49PM

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  • Primrose:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I can assist you with some of your requests.

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has an April 13 1857 baptismal record for a Margaret Lee in the Ballylanders RC parish. Parents Daniel Lee and Mary Fitzgerald.Other siblings were Johanna 1847(died young?)  Peggy 1848 Mary 1853 Johanna 1855 Ellen 1858 Maurice 1861

    No marriage record for Daniel and Mary located but Ballylanders marriage records start in 1848. Also Daniel would have been born well before 1835 if they had a child in 1847.

    I could not locate a marriage record for Margaret Lee and Andrew Ryan. When did they marry?

    fourth record 1872 birth record for Timothy Lee

    Thomas Lee and Mary Ryan were married February 8 1861 in the Ballyvistea RC parish in Co. Tipperary.  Witnesses were James Keeffe and Margaret Ryan.

    Roger McDonnell

    Monday 7th September 2020, 07:58PM