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I'm looking for any information about Lee families in Labbamolaga, Co. Cork. Most interest centered around 1826.


Saturday 7th Nov 2020, 12:23AM

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  • There are three adjoining townlands in north Cork with Labbamolaga (in Irish, Leaba Molaga) in their names:  Labbamolaga West, Labbamolaga Middle, and Labbamolaga East.  All are in the ciivil parish of Templemolaga.  Some info about Labbamolaga Middle can be found at this link (with links there to move on to info about the adjoining townlands:…

    Two, or perhaps all three of the townlands are in the Catholic parish of Kildorrery, and the Catholic parish registers for that parish are available back to 1803 for marriages and 1824 for baptisms, so you should be able to find some good info there, at this link:

    It's hard to tell from the maps involved, but it's possible that Labbamoraga East is in the next Catholic parish to the east, Mitchelstown. There is an interactive map at the above site there which will allow you to move on to that parish, in which the baptismal records go even further back.


    Monday 9th Nov 2020, 12:27AM
  • Hello Danlee58

    I am also interested in Lee families in Labbamolaga, Co. Cork. 

    My great-great grandmother Margaret Lee was born in Cork in 1839. According to the Parish Register she was baptised in Kildorrery and lived in Labbamolaga. Her parents are listed as Patrick Lee and Ellen Keeffe.

    We believe she and a sister Catherine may have migrated to Australia in 1863 on the ‘Fairlie’. The Immigration Deposit Journal indicates they lived in Labbamolaga, however there is a discrepancy with parents’ names, listed in this journal as “John Lee (decd) and Mary (alive)”.

    I would like to find out more about Margaret’s parents and siblings and the Lee families in Labbamolaga in general.

    Brisbane, Queensland


    Tuesday 15th Dec 2020, 10:54PM
  • I have my DNA results on,, and others. I would like to find a DNA match with a Lee resident or descendant of Labbamolaga.

    Does anyone have a DNA file, published on any sites? 


    Saturday 20th Mar 2021, 02:45PM

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