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Lernihan Family of Kilmihil Parish

Researching the Lernihan Family of Kilmihil Parish. (spelled Learhinan on 1911 Census)

I'm a great granddaughter of Thomas Joseph Lernihan (b. 1886- 1956) of Kilmihil Parish, son of Thomas Lernihan (and Kate Molloy, b. 1854-1943,) who was born about 1842,
son of James (Seamus) Bawn Lernihan, (b. abt. 1796- 1869) and Ellen ?, (b. abt. 1794-1879).
James, son of Michael (abt. 1770),
Michael son of Domnal (abt. 1730, County Galway).
(Info from 'Lernihan Family History of County Clare' from the Clare Heritage Centre, completed in 2001.)

Thomas Joseph emigrated in 1905 to Pittsburgh, PA, USA, then to Los Angeles, CA. He worked for the railroad, then for the L.A. police department, becoming a detective.

His siblings, Matthew (Colonel) , Jeremiah (The Yank), and Catherine (ma. John Haugh) stayed in County Clare.
Current questions:
1. More info about the spouse of James (Seamus) Bawn Lernihan, (b. abt. 1796- 1869) . 'Ellen' is reported in the Lernihan Family History of County Clare from the Clare Heritage Centre, completed in 2001.

And any info about spouses of the previous generations would also be appreciated.

2. How is my Lernihan family line connected to P.J. Lernihan and Nora Killeen Lernihan of Kilmihil Parish. I've come across some of their info, but cannot figure out the connection.

I've been fortunate to connect with some Irish cousins in County Clare.
I've just obtained a most interesting book: " Parish of Kilmihil" by Cotter, Moran, Collins, (1987), that may enlighten, but also create more questions!
Thank you much for your time and help.


Monday 21st October 2019, 02:09AM

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  • RE: Lernihans and other spellings of surname in Kilmihil area

    Check the following free online sources for Ellen's surname.  Copy and paste links if they don't work.  As the Lernihan surname is spelt so many ways I used Le* in surname search on FindmyPast to bring up all the various misspellings. I am not subscribed to FMP, just registered, so you should be able to use the search for free as I did for the Irish Catholic Parish Registers. 

    Kilmihil register:

    7 6 1851 John 

    26 10 1853 Catherine

    Kilmacduane register:

    18 1 1857 Mary  Residence given is Leitrim on Border of Kilmihil and Kilmacduane - lots of Lerhinan/Learnihans etc there

    But just to confuse things there is also another James and Ellen in:

    14 6 1862 Michael 

    For PJ Lernihan see:

    6 June 1943

    24 2 1915

    22 4 1914

    19 3 1880 Kilmihil register

    27 8 1874 Kilmihil register

    7 3 1873  Kilmihil register

    21 8 1871 Kilmihil register

    27 2 1870 (clounwhite/cloonwhite south  is on border of Shyan/Sheeaun, Kilmihil

    see also baptisms:

    kilmihil 28 9 1850  

    kilmihil 14 11 1851 

    If this is the same Patrick that marries Jane Hickey as his second wife then we have an indrect link as Jane is the sister of my great great grandma Mary Hickey of Gowerhass.

    Hope this all helps  :)





    Tuesday 22nd October 2019, 09:31AM
  • Dear jcd01,

    Thanks very much for all the info!

    I'll be busy for a while sorting out the Lernihans/Lerhinans/Learnihans.

    I did look at the Kilmihil Parish registers and found the 2 Lernihan couples of James/Ellen.  Still not sure who's who because the dates given by the Clare History Center for my James/Ellen would make them about 55 and 57 years old at the registered 1851  birth.  I'll need to go over their report again and make sure I recorded it correctly.

    Wanted to share an interesting bit.  Was reading about Father Gaynor in the book  "The Parish of Kilmihil"  and I discover that he is the same parish priest who in 1945, organized the records and wrote the index, by family, at the beginning of the Kilmihil Parish Baptism Register, and in neat handwriting!    On the last of his many index pages, he writes: "Finis book 1, Deo gratias!" 

     Thanks again for source info, still much to discover. Cathy


    Thursday 24th October 2019, 06:24AM