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Strange but  true the surname Letson Moten actually started with Edward Letsome Moten and his wife Anne Talbot He was the son of Thomas Letsome Moten and Catherine Madden. For some unknown reason the Census 1901 called him and his children Letson he was 71 and lived at Benamore I do not know how far back this went as all his children where born and baptized either with the surname Letsome or Moten never Letson. Edwards son William in the 1901 census now married to Bridget Winters and their children where called Letson Moten and they lived in Corville.The 1911 census called them Letson without the Moten again. Why? Who Knows. As many of those children retained the surname Letson. Now Letson was back in the 1800s as a widespread family all over Ireland so how many Letsons are walking around with the wrong surname as Edward had a big family and I will not bore you with all his children and his childrens childrens names. By the way many of those children are in the Civil Births Marriages and Deaths under the surname Letson.


Aussie John.



Aussie John

Friday 17th April 2020, 01:18AM

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  • Aussie John,

    You may be aware of other communications  Unfortunately, the records in the Census were often written down by the enumerator as many residents were semi- or fully illiterate.  This would have led to variations in spelling and ommissions such as the one you've highlighted due to the manner in which the oral answers were perceived and then written down by the enumerator.  The same is true for baptismal records as common usage was often written instead of the acutal full name.  Hopefully this answers some of your points!


    Thursday 9th July 2020, 12:01PM