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Anne Price was born about 1841, She married James Cullen (born 28 FEB 1834 in Ballyroe, Kilkenny, Ireland }  in Tullaroan in 1859, James and Anne purchased the Kilrush Corn Mill iin 1881.  Over the course of their marriage they had thirteen children..

One of their children was Alice Cullen born on 18 JUL 1872 in Courtstown, Tullaroan, Kilkenny, Ireland. and married the 7th of October 1895 in Freshford, Kilkenny to Bernard Kelly. Bernard was a Sargent in the Royal Irish Constabulary and was stationed in Kilkenny. So after their marriage Bernard was assigned to County Wexford and ultimately assigned to Ferns, During ten years of marriage they had 8 children 3 boys and five girls,

Now Alice had suffered from a thyroid condition fur many years and specialists suggested having it removed. Since her youngest son James was born  18 Apr 1907 she opted to have the surgery at a local private hospital in Wexford instead of going to Dublin. Alice died on the  17 OCTOBER 1907 from complications from her surgery.

Now from family stories it is indicated that Alice's family the Cullens had taken Alice-s body for burial and whisked the children of to their home in Kilrush, 

James dies two years later on 29 JUN 1909 in Kilrush, Balleen, Urlingford, Kilkenny, Ireland.rnard Kelly reitres from the RIC and takes his three sons to Tranmer, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England to live with his sister, We find the five girls in the 1911 Census of Ireland living at St. Michaels Industrial School in Wexford.  From the family story it is indicated that  they were not indigent because some one was paying for their care, The explation for this story is that the indigent orphans had numbers n their uniform but the Kellys had their names on their uniforms/ By 1912 their father Bernard arranges for all five girls to live with him in Birkenhead,

Back to Alice  here the family story becomes questionable. It is alleged Alice Cullen died soon after the death of James Cullen – fell in a stream and drowned.   At that point Alice Kelly joined her sisters in the orphanage.

Now we did learn from another family member from Kingsmeadow, that Anne conveyed the ownership of  the Kilrash Mill to her son Thomas on the 28th of Apri;l 1910. We also note that in the 1911 Census of Ireland Thomas and his family are living at Cullens Mill and Anne is not mentioned in this document.. Matter of fact I cannot find a 69 or 70 year old Anne or Nancy Cullen living in Ireland in 1911.

Now as told by Denis Cullen of Kingsmeadow, Anne Cullen did die on the 19th of August 1930 in Kilrush, Her daighter in law Bridget Murry Cullen was present at her death. This is further confirmed by the attached  Civil Death Registration. Anne is alleged to be buried in Tullaroan alongside James,

What I hope to accomplish in this message is to verify the stories conveyed by a few of the Kelly daughters and find any information I can find about Anne Price Cullen from  the 1910 sale of Cullen's Mill and here death in 1930


Frederick Jaeger

Wednesday 15th July 2020, 02:26PM

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