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Longford Harbour

Good Afternoon,

The search for my 2*GF (Dennis McCormick) seems to be narrowing down to Ardagh and Moydow where he may have been Baptised in 1816. His father (I think an incorrect Christian name [Charles] was used on Dennis' death certificate in scotland in 1871) was noted on the death certificate as a "Harbour Master". Dennis' mother (noted as Mary McDonald on the death certificate) I think was actually called Mary Donnell.

I am following the notion that Dennis' father was actually Thomas McCormick and he was (for a time at least) a harbour master at Longford. 

Can anyone please advise where I can see any images of the harbour in the early 19th century and where I might be able to ascertain whether or not Thomas McCormick was the sometime harbourmaster at Longford Harbour.

Bill Smyth

Bill Smyth

Friday 14th February 2020, 02:18PM