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Longford Harbour

Good Afternoon,

The search for my 2*GF (Dennis McCormick) seems to be narrowing down to Ardagh and Moydow where he may have been Baptised in 1816. His father (I think an incorrect Christian name [Charles] was used on Dennis' death certificate in scotland in 1871) was noted on the death certificate as a "Harbour Master". Dennis' mother (noted as Mary McDonald on the death certificate) I think was actually called Mary Donnell.

I am following the notion that Dennis' father was actually Thomas McCormick and he was (for a time at least) a harbour master at Longford. 

Can anyone please advise where I can see any images of the harbour in the early 19th century and where I might be able to ascertain whether or not Thomas McCormick was the sometime harbourmaster at Longford Harbour.

Bill Smyth

Bill Smyth

Friday 14th February 2020, 02:21PM

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  • Bill,

    I am not from Co. Longford but I do live in Ireland.  Locals may know more than me though.  As I understand it, Co. Longford is about 100 miles from the sea. The town is landlocked as is most of the county, save for the River Shannon which is navigable for shallow draught craft, and for the Royal Canal. Longford town is (or was) at the end of a spur off the Royal Canal from Dublin to the Shannon, which opened around 1815. See:

    Perhaps your ancestor was working on that canal? (If so, it would have had to have been after 1815). If not, he’s unlikely to have been a Harbour Master in Longford due to the general lack of sea or harbours. The Royal Canal reopened in 2010 though, as far as I am aware, the spur to Longford is still closed.

    You ask about images of Longford Harbour in the early 19th century.  Photography didn't really get established until the 1850s so there are unlikely to be any images from that era. There may be later images though. You could try contacting Longford library to see if they have anything.




    Saturday 15th February 2020, 07:15PM
  • Thank you Elwyn. I will follow the leads you have noted.

    Bill Smyth

    Bill Smyth

    Sunday 16th February 2020, 06:08PM
  • Longford Harbour was for the canal , there is a harbour house in Longford and my Grt Grandfather lived on Harbour Street, though I'm yet to find that street, the word "harbour" is not just related to the sea or shoreline ! 


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 01:20PM
  • Brynn

    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 01:42PM
  • Harbour House - former harbour master's house, built c. 1830


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 01:46PM

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