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Cork McGrath's please, Waterford Crotty, Meath Boylan's thank you 

KerryAnn Boylan

Friday 4th Sep 2020, 02:31AM

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    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th Sep 2020, 07:51PM
  • Hi KerryAnn,

    I would like to help you with information but need to know who you are looking for. Can you please be more specific and if possible give a name with a date and the place they came from? 


    Geraldine Powell

    Friday 6th Nov 2020, 09:41PM
  • Hello everyone;

    I am from a short list of McCarthy's in one small town in the USA and most of them lived married and died in this same small town. My father's great grandfather came from County Cork, Ireland and maybe he came from this town of Mallow, County Cork, Ireland. I am "the 4th oldest living McCarthy in my line of McCarthy's starting in 1839 from Ireland", currently as of 23 December 2020. I have lots of questions of course, starting with who is the father and mother of Dennis/Denis McCarthy of 1839. Here is some information that started my line from Ireland. 

    1.DENNIS MCCARTHY was born in 1839, maybe in either Mallow or Skibbereen, of County Cork, Ireland. Dennis McCarthy died in 1874 while working at Washington & Georgetown Street Railroad Company, in Washington, DC, USA.. Dennis McCarthy married CATHERINE DALY in 1866 in Washington, DC, USA. Catherine Daly was born in 1839 in Cork County, Ireland, Catherine (Daly) McCarthy died in 1916 in Washington, DC, USA. I have a very long list of names that not only include the names of the McCarthy Family members, but the names of their childern and much more.

    Please help me find the missing names of my Family in Ireland.

    Thanks, David McCarthy.


    David McCarthy

    Wednesday 23rd Dec 2020, 09:19AM
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    Hi David,


    This time you gave enough information to look up something for you. I found one Dennis near Mallow and two born in Skibbereen in 1839. However, remember that most people did not know thier birthdates in those times and almost always gave incorrect ones.

    Many Catherine Dalys were born in Cork in 1839. I have listed the ones I found easily. The same thing applies to her birthdate. I suggest you do more sleuthing into your family's past to try to get clues as to what townland they came from. You can also join many sites that let you trace what boats people emigrated on and where they lived for the US census in the 1880s. You can find out a lot free of charge by looking up Family and You can pay for sites like and Roots ireland. A step up from that is to hire a genealogist in ireland to search for you but they are going to need those clues that you will have to find out from your family history. I have posted what I found.

    Good luck in your search.


    Geraldine Powell

    Sunday 27th Dec 2020, 04:43PM

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