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I usually tell people how lucky I've been researching my genealogy. I first became frustrated, wanting to do the research and not having any idea on how to accomplish the task. I also interject that there is usually no end to family genealogy! So, in my beginning and after I realized I couldn't do much myself, I hired ProGenealogist who informed me of my great-parents who my father didn't know. I came to call this family of my great-grandather, the Immigrant Family; then I hired ProGenealogist to research the Irish family and they replied that my ancestors came from Tipperary or Kildare. At time time, with a bit of knowlege of computers, I began communicating with organizations in Ireland with the hope of finding my Irish ancestors but realized that the cost of paying everyone asked would be a fair amount of money, I stumbled into the Kildare Genealogy Message Board and within five days received a message from Michael Wall who informed me that he had done the research on my ancestrial Kelly family as they had emmigrated to Auburn, New York along with many others from the Castledermot area invited by John McGarr. From that point, I began researching my father's uncles, aunt and cousins many of whom he never knew. Now I'd like to know when Michael Kelly died, well also, when his son Silvester died. I have found an entry from the Poorhouse in South Dublin that Silvester died there in 1870 but how to be sure! Early in 2008, my son and I visited Kildare and rode out from Castledermot to Plunketstown Lower to stand on the homested of the Kelly family...#5 on the Griffiths map and Michael Wall's friend, Bill Dunne said, looking southwest and pointing to a hill in the near distance, said that I'd have ancestors buried there. I wish that we took the time to go up the hill but I doubt that Bill could! Maybe the request for someone to go up the hill could be harder than a suggestion of how to find the records; I would sincerely appreciate any help. Kevin Kelley     


Thursday 29th July 2021, 03:37PM

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  • You don't give years for Michael or Sylvester, but perhaps this is yours? A transcription on rootsireland shows a Sylvester Kelly, son of Michael Kelly and Mary Styan, was baptized 04-Sep-1793. Address: Plunketstown, Castledermot


    Friday 30th July 2021, 06:47PM
  • Patricia, Sorry for being tardy with a response. The transcription that you found is very probably correct; it has the relevant information except "Stines/Stynes" is mis-spelled. I recently put the family information on my profile with IrelandXO and I did join IrelandXO years ago at it's inception and included much of the family information at that time and through the years I was notified less to the point that I lost my password and it seemed that my information wasn't available for some reason. I could send the info that Michael Wall of Castledermot sent me if you could advise on how to send it and to where. I also in all of these years was gifted a compliation of relations of Sylvester done by Linda Buxton of Australia but sadly is missing  a couple of relevant pages Simplistically, I am most interested in the vital statistics of Michael Kelly as I really have nothing except his date of marriage and where they lived and any information of any living cousins in the Castledermot area. Kevin      


    Tuesday 3rd August 2021, 03:35PM

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