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I am looking for my ancestors in South Tipperary in an area stretching from Cahir and Ardfinnan in the east to Mitchelstown, County Cork, to the west.  This area includes the Towns of Tubbrid, Clogheen, Ballyporeen and Ballylooby and the Townlands of Ballylaffin, Ballynomasna, Castlegrace and Ballinhalla.  Any help with Anglum/Anglim/Anglin names in this area would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


Friday 31st July 2020, 04:25PM

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  • Hi Rob, 

    My name is Robert Darling. My grandmother was Margaret Anglim (1900-1975) She lived in San Francisco. My great granfther was Edmond Anglim. (1865-1942) He was born in Rosegreen,

    Tipperary. It is 8 miles west of Ballylaffin. I researched your family and here is what I found out. I hope it helps build your family geneology.  All are County Tipperary, except for a few changes.

    Edmond Anglim-B 1782 Ballylaffin D 1852 Carrigataha.   Catherine Quirke B 1782 March 24, Baptism St. Candices, Kilkenny D April 8, 1843, Carrigaha, Her parents were John Quirke and Mary McCabe. No birth or death records.

    Patrick Anglim, B 1784, Ballylaffin.   John Anglim B 1786 Ballylaffin   No death records. 

    Edmund Anglim B 1759 D 1850 (apox) Barbour County, West Virginia    Judith Anglim B 1759 Carrigataha  D ?

    John Anglim B 1735 Knockatimore, Waterford  D 1779 Ballylaffin (according to his will) Mary Anglim B ? D ? Barbour County, West Virginia

    There is a fantasic online book called: An Anglim Odysseys, An Anglim family history, 2011by Christopher Anglim, Silver Springs, Maryland

    Just goggle: An Anglim Odysseys.  It is a huge download (over 500 pages). It tells you all about the history of the name and the various family branches in Ireland and around the world. 

    Robert Darling

    San Francisco, CA







    Sunday 30th August 2020, 12:47AM
  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your response!  I would really be interested in finding out your sources for the information you provided.  Could you provide that to me? 

    I believe that  Edmond Anglim-B 1782 Ballylaffin D 1852 Carrigataha and Catherine Quirke B 1782 March 24, Baptism St. Candices, Kilkenny D April 8, 1843, Carrigaha were my great great great grandparents and would love to have the records that document your information about them.  I have them in my family tree but did not have this detail.  You can contact me through email if you prefer.  My address is: 

    In my Anglin Family research in the United States I have come across the Anglins in Barbour County West Virginia but have not found a connection to my family in the United States or back to Ireland.  That information could be interesting.

    I am on Ancestry and if you are too you can view my trees.  The "Anglin Family Tree" has my American family with the Irish lineage that I am certain of, and then I have other trees that are specific to Ireland.  The most relevant one to view would be my "Anglin - Ballylooby RC Parish, Tipperary" tree.

    By the way, are you related to the architect Darling in San Francisco?  I was an architect in Yountville, Napa Valley, before I retired and knew of his work.  Thanks again for providing me with information and I look forward to hearing from you on your sources.

    Best wishes,

    Rob Anglin


    Monday 31st August 2020, 12:56PM