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Good afternoon,

I am a coadmin of the Murphy DNA project at FamilytreeDNA and am looking for any Murphy men whose Murphy ancestors may have lived around the Lixnaw Parish. I am hoping some of you may be willing to take a Y DNA test and join the Murphy DNA project at FamilytreeDNA.

The genetic family at the Murphy DNA project that I am part is wide spread throughout the Province of Munster. My current Haplogroup is shared with a Murphy with origins at Ahabeg, Lixnaw Parish, County Kerry.

My own haplogroup will update within the next few months as my grandfather's 3rd cousin has taken a Big Y DNA test and shares a more recent ancestor. I am hoping to help find more relatives that are more closely related to others in the project as a way of tracing the movements of our ancestors and getting in touch with those beyond the paper trail.

As more people have taken the Big Y DNA test more is discovered and the project has been getting far more exciting. Even a Y37 test would be sufficient to start and people in the group help raise money to upgrade results.

One of my goals is to see if we have any connections to Murphys of any other provinces within the last 1000 or so years. As of now it does not appear that we share a male ancestor with the few Leinster based Murphys, though they are very few at the moment.

Please feel free to email me at

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Sunday 7th February 2021, 09:26PM

Message Board Replies

  • Hi Kevin,

    I have notified our local partners of your message who will be in touch shortly.

    Regards, Denise

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 08:36PM
  • Hi Kevin, 

    I think we were already talking on a similar message you posted to the Cork boards. I would recommend getting in touch with Local Heritage societies in Kerry, Tralee and Listowel. They often have local experts/ enthusiasts that will have friends who have done the DNA matching or be knowledgeable about the history of a name in the area. Hope this helps! Kerry Historical and Archaeological Society should definitely be some help.

    Good luck!


    David Whyte, IrelandXO l Ballyhoura Development

    Wednesday 26th May 2021, 01:03PM