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looking for Breslin/Brislan


I've been researching my paternal line and I've hit a wall in the vicinity of 1805-1845. I've gotten this portion of my research from and I can't confirm any of it, actually. My decendent's name was Patrick Breslin which he sometimes spelled Brislan on the NY census. His birthdate is listed mostly as 1815 (sometimes 1805). He married Ellen Mcginnis (born 1825) probably around 1841. I can't find paperwork on their marriage or on the birth of their first child (Elizabeth) in 1842. The rest of their children were born in New York City.  It seems as though Patrick's father was possibly named Owen (1784-1860) and his mother was Mary McNeely (1786-1871). I don't have any information on Ellen Mcginnis' origins or parentage. I know this is going back a bit, but I'd be grateful for any type of information. 

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Saturday 26th May 2018, 08:48PM

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  • Statutory death registration started in Ireland in 1864, so if Mary Breslin died in 1871, aged 85 or thereabouts, there ought to be a death certificate for her. There won’t be one for her husband if he died in 1860.  Inver falls within the civil registration district of Donegal town. According to rootsireland, there is a Mary Breslin death registered there on 5.4.1871 aged 80. She lived in Drimareeny, parish of Inver and was a farmer’s widow. The informant was Francis Gallagher, of the same townland.

    Looking at Griffiths Valuation for that townland in 1857, there was 1 Breslin farm, held by James Breslin. He had plot 4 which was a 10 acre farm. It’s possible her was Mary’s husband. The townlands more common name is Drumrainy.

    No Breslins there by 1901, though the Gallaghers were still there:

    The RC baptisms & marriages for Inver don’t start till 1861 so you won’t find any baptisms or marriages for the family.



    Monday 28th May 2018, 02:31PM
  • There are a few of us around, originating from documents and timelines, Patrick and Mary started in mericksville Ontario and settled in Mohawk territory in upstate New York.   I have made a family tree.

    Sunday 2nd February 2020, 04:11AM