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We are hoping to visit County Cork either this fall, 2022, or next spring, 2023. A branch of our family comes from Mitchelstown & we'd love to meet some 'cousins'. We descend from Catherine Clifford, born Feb.1846, on 'James St.' In Mitchelstown. She was the daughter of Mary Torpy, born Dec.1817, on 'B Street' in Mitchelstown,  & Robert Clifford. Unfortunately, we have no information on him, except Griffiths Evaluation that shows he leased a 'house & garden' on 'James Street' in the 1840's. Mary Torpy’s parents were Catherine Dinan & James Torpy, both born circa the 1790's. We'd greatly appreciate any information you can give us on our ancestors & where they lived in Mitchelstown &/or on relatives still in the Mitchelstown area. Thank you. Kathi Kelly






Kathi K

Saturday 26th Mar 2022, 09:01PM

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  • Perhaps you might send a query to, the Mitchelstown Heritage Society.  


    Good luck!


    Saturday 26th Mar 2022, 10:27PM
  • Thanks, Patricia. I’ll try that, too. Kathi


    Kathi K

    Sunday 27th Mar 2022, 02:55AM
  • Hi Kathi,

    I'm not based in Ireland however I am also a descendant of James Torpy and Catherine Dinan through Mary's brother Patrick.


    Sunday 3rd Apr 2022, 08:44PM
  • Lisa, thank you for responding. We're very excited to know about your branch of the family. I knew that Mary Torpy Clifford had a brother, Patrick, but I hadn’t realized that he'd emigrated. Do you know the year he left Ireland? I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly when Catherine Clifford, Mary's daughter, arrived in NYC or if any other family members accompanied her. I'd especially like to know if either of her parents emigrated. My mother said that she remembered her mother talking about “all the Torpys in Westchester County” & that they had owned a Quarry there. That’s another mystery we'd love to solve. I've posted a photo of Catherine Clifford Lecompte with a brief biography on this website. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you &, hopefully, solving a few of our.ancestral mysteries.


    Kathi K

    Tuesday 5th Apr 2022, 03:20AM
  • Hi Kathi,

    Great to hear from you!  I've tried to follow Mary's story a few times but could never confirm anything via a paperwork trial so it's great to put some pieces in the puzzle via Catherine and I hope we can share more info.  I've been digging on the Clifford's since I read your post but haven't come up with anything as of yet.   Do you have any info on Catherine Clifford's brother Hugh?

    Patrick Torpy moved to London - he married Bridget Barry (also from Cork) in 1842 in Lambeth, London and their eldest daughter Catherine is my 3rd GGM.   Just as a note while I can't find a lot of info on Patrick & Mary's parents James Torpy & Catherine Dinan,  James is noted as already deceased on Patrick's wedding certificate and his former occupation was listed as shopkeeper which would have been in Mitchelstown.

    Do you have any knowledge of Patrick & Mary having any other siblings? I believe I have found a couple more whose records have been incorrectly transcribed with different fathers first names.  The names of the siblings would tie in with the traditional naming patterns that Patrick used for his own children.

    I do have some DNA links with a branch of the Torpy's who were among the Peter Robinson settlers (originally from Brigown) however I can't find a paper link thus far.

    If you would like to view my tree (ancestry) please do drop me an email

    Many thanks



    Tuesday 5th Apr 2022, 03:59PM

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